Could you pass eighth grade science?

Here’s a little doodad just to distract you from what you’re supposed to be doing and empty your mind so you can think in a different direction.

There are 8 eighth grade science questions. They’re pretty easy, relatively speaking, so you should breeze right through them. Report back with a comment if you thought it was a waste of time or if it really bent your cranium.

Ready? Click here to begin.

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6 Responses to Could you pass eighth grade science?

  1. fleetflatfoot says:

    Eight out of eight, baby. Just don’t ask me to pass 8th grade algebra. I rented that brain space out years ago.

  2. chachacha says:

    I am the science nerd here……FFF, you out scored me! I got 7 out 8 correct, which made me happy enough! (I think) I could still do well in algebra. Right now I am struggling with 4th grade religion straight out of Catholic school. That is completely stumping me these days.

  3. chachacha says:

    My nerd-o-rama chat forum (with my fellow Northwestern U. classmates) is disappointed with my lack of knowledge-even the 1 question. :( I have failed!!!

  4. fcgrabo says:

    Eighth grade is done and gone.

    Now is the time, in our adult years, that we should start preparing for high school.

    Oh my God.

  5. indygirl88 says:

    7/8 myself. I hated 8th grade.

  6. chachacha says:

    My son DVR’s “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” It’s fantastic. One of our favorite shows. It’s amazing what people don’t recall or don’t know, for that matter. And HS, hmmmmm, that may be a challenge. I’d like to take the ACT and SAT over just for the heck of it. I LOVED taking the GRE……I AM THE BIGGEST NERD!!

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