The site so far

There’s some serious goofiness going on with the site tonight and all of it deals with the sidebar widgets. If you notice, the 6pak logo and the “About” are gone. I’ll gettem back sooner or later but for now we all have to bear the brunt of that new WordPress upgrade with me leading the forefront. Man, I’m in trouble!

You may remember that the night before going “live” with this new site, I upgraded WordPress to version 2.5. It’s better than v2.3.2 in many ways, but it has some issues, as I’ve pointed out last week. Tonight’s episode gave me quite a few fits, almost to the point of anger and frustration, all stemming from the sidebar widgets.

These widgets are a wonderful feature of WordPress. Little “kits” that you place in the sidebar. They can do all sorts of great stuff when coupled with some HTML and creativity. Tonight started to give me headaches while I was updating the Babes in the left sidebar. Things just started disappearing. No manner of reboots, logouts, browser switching or cache clearing seemed to help. So I just gave up. For now.

Perfectionist that I am, I’m always looking for ways to improve the design and the look and feel of SixPackTech. I want it to be appealing and a place for you, the reader, to come back to time and again. With the content that’s provided and the personal commentary I put forth, I hope it can be the Internet destination of countless multitudes of like-minded users. (Dreamer.) But for now we wait.

I know now that WordPress has been upgraded once again, to version 2.5.1. Hopefully to correct the mistakes and glitches that are bugging the crap out of guys like me. But we have to wait.

Allow me to explain. The old SixPackTech-dot-blogspot-com was (still is) hosted by Google. It’s free. They provide the space on their computers (servers) for our content. They provide the content management (blogging) software to display the pictures and videos; the space to for one to express oneself. But you had to deal with their daily ups and downs with regard to response time and also their somewhat limited creative add-ons. I opted for a “self host.” I bought space on an Internet server. The one I chose, HostGator, has the greatest features of all I’ve looked at. The best of the features of HostGator is a program they have called Fantastico. It’s a one-stop-shop-and-install program which takes all the headaches out of upgrading a website, especially if there’s a lot of content that absolutely must be retained. That’s how I upgraded WordPress last time, just before going live. Fantastico usually trails WordPress upgrades by a week or two in their upgrades.

So for now, in my seemingly minuscule disappointment with the way things have gone with WordPress v2.5 so far, please bear with me. There is too much to lose right now. It’s my extreme hope that the WP programmers and developers untie the knots that somehow appeared in this present version and straighten things out to make the road ahead a little smoother for us users and viewers.

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