Hayabusa Smart Car – a screamer

The Smart Car from Daimler Chrysler has hit our shores. Saw one on I-80 just the other day. The Smart comes stock with a 3 cylinder, 71 hp engine, gets 40mpg, but uses premium gas (??!!) At under 12 grand, that’s probably all you’ll need to get the groceries and visit Grandma from time to time.

BUT… swap in a Hayabusa motorcycle engine and now you really have something. A veritable screamer. The new version has been dubbed “Diablo.” I’ve enclosed a couple of videos with this post of just such “Smart ‘Busas.” The first is a demonstration (just foolin’ around) of some of the capabilities of this car/engine matchup. The second is a dragrace between a Smart Busa and a Ferrari. Watch below.

(Submitted by Bruno)

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4 Responses to Hayabusa Smart Car – a screamer

  1. indygirl88 says:

    I saw one today! I think they’re ugly. =/

  2. paul says:

    how do u do it where u get informaition

  3. fcgrabo says:


    Look. Search. Seek. Find.

    Boldly go where… never mind.

    As for the car, this is all the info I have. But feel free to search on your own.

  4. fate says:

    i watched both on youtube the idea is the greatest thing ever imagined think about the smallest production car with the fastest production motorcycle made genius!!!!

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