Great Japanese snack food ad

This is an awesome Japanese commercial for a snack food in which the special effects play the starring role. It was probably rendered on a Mac with Final Cut Pro which is the “Photoshop of Video.”

Enough said. Sit back and enjoy this short film which is all about the eye candy.

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4 Responses to Great Japanese snack food ad

  1. Educatedirish says:

    Do we dare show this to Scott fleetflatfoot?

  2. Big Bols says:

    This isnt doctored at all….I’ve had these snacks and the hair thing really happens. My real hair color is blond.
    It also teaches you a little japanese. Domo Aregato Meiji!

  3. fcgrabo says:

    Bols is correct.

    We filmed that out in our shed using a Polaroid GreatShot with 400 rolls of film.

    I used the Mac to splice the individual frames together in about an hour.

    Later that night, we all got sick from the tuna sandwiches.

  4. chachacha says:

    WOW! So that IS true!!! Bols, I always knew in my heart you were a blonde ;)

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