DashCam – Crash with no seatbelt

Watch what happens in he video below. Guy is driving and he’s obviously very sleepy or maybe drunk. He’s not wearing a seatbelt. Then BAM! All viewed from the camera mounted to the dash.

A word to the wise. Wear your seatbelt. It ain’t cool to be roadkill.

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3 Responses to DashCam – Crash with no seatbelt

  1. indygirl88 says:

    Oh wow! I never drive without putting on my seatbelt. Even if I’m the passenger – I gotta put it on! Just feel weird without it….

  2. Big Bols says:

    A couple questions…why did this guy have a dash cam? and did the truck crush his head?

  3. fcgrabo says:

    I put the dash cam there while he was walking his pet pitbull. Yes the truck crushed his head. I have it in my garage sandwiched between two empty sixpack carriers under my work bench.

    Judging from the NASCAR shirt the guy is wearing, I’d say he was moonlighting as a crash test dummy to pick up extra beer money.

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