Bottle rocket launcher

Those whacky Japanese will stop at nothing in their research for the perfect rocket launcher. In this case, they strap a pack of (2 liter?) soda bottles to the back of the “ninja-naut” and pressurize the hell out of the bottles.

Pull the pin and up, up and away he goes.

The theory is valid but this demonstration was for comedic purposes. Wasn’t it?

Watch below.

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  1. chachacha says:

    OMG, kind of in the same lines, but also off the subject (sorry) but I used to watch a show on Spike TV that was called MXC-the Japanese reality show with hilarious commentary from Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano along with some other guys. I used to spend hours watching that and just LMAO. Anyway, this post just reminded me of that show and brought a HUGE smile to my face. :) Thanks a bunch!

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