Danica chalks up a win

It ‘s finally happened. Danica Patrick has won the Firestone Indy Car 300 race in Motegi, Japan. Nice goin’!

Ya gotta admire a babe like Danica; to have the moxie to go up against all the other ego-inflated guy racers time after time. There’s something about a babe who likes to drive fast and get her hands dirty. Imagine a girl who pulls up in your driveway in her Jeep. No doors, no fiberglass top, all open to the wind. Baseball cap with ponytail woven through the adjustment hole in the back. Cargo shorts, tank top and work boots. Just stopped by change oil, and adjust the timing, maybe have a coupla brewskis. Dropping the f-bomb once or twice.

I believe Danica’s cuter than Maria Sharapova. Check out her winning interview below.


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