Dutch muscle car

This, my friends, is a 1968 Dodge Charger. It and its owner live in the Netherlands and this car is maintained and driven on the streets and roads over there.

This car is a rare specimen right from the muscle car era of the ’60’s and ’70s, back when engines were huge, cars were huge and gas was cheap. Lousy suspension, lousy brakes, but we didn’t care. We had horsepower.

The beast shown in the thumbnail and in the video below is powered by a 440 cubic inch firebreather and has some aftermarket goodies tucked under the hood. It sports a great exhaust system which will ring like wind chimes when you hear it.

The video is really not that special. It is unique, however, in its nostalgia. So crank up the speakers, sit back and watch as the guy rattles a few windows on his street.

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