They’re here again. You knew they’d be back. Yep. Once again, they’re here.


Hit it.

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Turbo Volvo

Powered by a turbo LSX using an eBay special turbo ($200 shipped, to be exact) to push him down the strip at the Pikes Peak Airstrip attack.

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Monsters of the gym

These guys have to go through doors sideways. Steroids? Nah. Ya think?

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Testing aircraft evacuation sldes

A lot of gas is released in a short period of time.

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Garage car wash

Red Green turns the inside of his garage into his own free automatic car wash.

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Burning aerosol cans

Almost like the popcorn bullet video only with more f-bombs.

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Buy this underwear

A-Dam Underwear may have chosen the wrong model to sell their goods. You don’t know which side of the fence he’s on.

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Pulling nails without heads

A simple trick for pulling out nails after their heads break.

My dad showed me a trick years ago. Instead of using vice grips, hook the hammer claw on the nail and then, instead of pulling straight toward you, pull at a 90° angle left or right. Works about 8.5 times out of ten. Of course, side cutters work as well as fence pliers.

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Humpday Heinies

Once again we focus on one of our favorite anatomical features. All women have them, but not all women have nice ones. These ones here… these are some nice ones.


View image set.

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Transparent trailer

Researchers at Land Rover are developing an innovative new transparent trailer technology which eliminates the blind spot when towing a trailer, caravan or horsebox. Combining the reversing cameras on the wing mirrors and rear of a Range Rover and an additional wireless camera mounted on the trailer a video feed makes the trailer see-through.

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Volvo extreme crash test

“Ultimate best” crash test ’94 Volvo 2.5L. Fun in a boneyard.


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Detailing with peanut butter

Video demonstrates how to effectively use peanut butter to help detail trouble spots on plastic car trim.

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Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf

Ammohead shows us how to make a meatloaf a different way.


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2,000 lb. tire

Seal the bead with brake cleaner and fire.

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F-150 truck for sale

$999.99 or best offer.

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Google, evolved

Google changed the font in their title page and for some reason it’s a big deal.

More info.

Break the Internet

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