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Auto Monday

It all started one cold night in November, 1947, when 8 young men from Carlsbad, CA came together over coffee at the APEX cafe. It was there that they transformed their dreams of forming a roadster and custom car club into a reality. That evening the Oilers were born and their first president, Jim Nelson, lead the charge. These young men had one common bond; speed! In just a few short months, the membership grew and in mid-1948, Nelson’s passion for racing brought the Oilers members and the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) together. Nelson’s friend and SCTA founder, Wally Parks, announced his plans to form the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), in 1949. Nelson stepped up to help and became one of their earlier technical inspectors. The Oilers became heavily involved, forming the San Diego Timimg Association (SDTA) and hosted some of the first NHRA drag racing events as Paradise Mesa. Jim Nelson and his partner, Dode Martin, formed the world famous Dragmasters company. Considered by many to be the inventors of the modern dragster, many of which still campaign today.

Living automotive history.

More info.

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New week is being started by Quickies as usual. Call it a QuickStart©™§?. All rights reserved as lefts.

Water wheelie

Railroad bridge fire in Lampasas County, Texas

Metalhead bird

Rock/paper/scissors hand bot wins 100% of the time – fave

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More BattleBots

Complete Control vs. Warhead

How can anyone grow tired of watching this¿

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Blown turbo

Diesel locomotive has some trouble with an engine turbo. Great spark show until the turbo lets loose and the train comes to a stop.

Here we have the Russian equivalent.

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Monday fave

U-2 spy plane landing at Beale AFB after flying a mission at 70,000 feet.

More about the USAF U-2 chase cars here.

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword trailor

When the child Arthur’s father is murdered, Vortigern (Jude Law), Arthur’s uncle, seizes the crown. Robbed of his birthright and with no idea who he truly is, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, his life is turned upside down and he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy… whether he likes it or not.

You may recognize a few familiar faces. Coming to theaters in March of next year.

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Railroad track assembly machine

The Plasser & Theurer track renovation machine takes out the old rails, installs the new rails and fixes the ballast. Like fluffing up a pillow. Goodbye John Henry.

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Beer time lapse

A glass of beer is observed via camera over the course of 60 days. Generates mold just like bread. Too bad about the watermark smack dab in the middle of the vid.

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Humvees airdrop

The operation is never 100% successful.

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Today is the last day of a four-day heat wave here in north central Flatland. Temps have hit the middle 90s each day. Anyone with half a brain will stay inside today. Sure, sports events and car racing and such are really a great experience live and in person but on a day like today, the air-conditioned interior of the household will keep you cool and happy while watching said events on TV. AND, you get instant replays. Take it easy today. Enjoy your barley beverages inside. Set up the sprinkler in the yard for the kids and kick ’em out. But stay in. Enjoy the Slinks.

Nice Cars

Why did the SST fail? [10:22]

Why Mars died and Earth lived [9:31]

The T206 Honus Wagner baseball card [14:11]

Restored B-17 Flying Fortress for skydivers [3:06 – started at 1:14]

Ultimate Reno Air Race – plane blows engine and prop [4:17]

How SpaceX will get us to Mars [8:23]

Red light cameras are a scam [3:54]

Italian rapier in two minutes [2:19]

2015 Robochallenge – 18 bots duke it out [7:04 – click to jump to the start at 2:35]


The automobile inherits the planet [9:37]

Adam demo [5:42]


Zager And Evans – In The Year 2525 [3:24]

Three Dog Night – Shambala [3:29]

Steppenwolf – Sookie Sookie [2:56]


Pakistani beater [0:30]

Thirsty fish [0:33]

Rally car won’t crash [0:11]

Bubba eats a burrito [0:14] – fave


Brewing with AI [1:47] + one more with video here

Beer experts try cheap beers [3:34]

* Jiffs *


MLB top plays [15:27]

Kendo with slo-mo shots [5:17]

Julian “The Hawk” Jackson – the hardest puncher [5:58]

DiResta steel & wood bench [11:42]

Shattering a CD at speed [8:35] – Slow Mo Guys

1965 Ford Galaxie 500 R-Code 427 [6:08] – Muscle Car of the Week

Extreme rock climbers [6:05]

Unorthodox fighting method – Jackie Chan [3:47]

Top Fuel starting line – Joliet Route 66 Raceway [1:29]

Indoor volleyball with Winifer Fernandez [1:24]

David Bowie – Young Americans [5:04]

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Frankly speaking

It was a bit of a rough Saturday for us here at the Liberty Street Manor. My wife tore something in her knee and this morning I helped get her to the hospital emergency room for treatment. She was taken away for xrays and returned as the same woman… the rays do nothing. The doctor on duty diagnosed her with a “bucket handle tear in the meniscus of the knee.” I didn’t know knees had bucket handles, let alone buckets. Click here for the Google image search on those terms if you’re interested. She has been prescribed some pills and put into a knee brace. Therefore today I acted as butler caring for Madam’s needs. By the early evening, all our kids and their spouses and their kids and pets showed up to check on Mom. They ordered pizza and discussed dog breeds until the wife kicked them out at her bedtime. That’s why there was no Brew Review this evening. Sorry ’bout that. She’s sleeping and I’m pretty tired myself.


Last week I talked about the site’s over usage of CPU cycles on the server. I think the CPU cycle stuff is bullshit but the host provider can render a site dark if we don’t abide by their rules. I decided to dump the post views counter plugin and write HostGator tech support a polite email explaining my problem. The next day I received a reply stating that everything looked good on their end and that there was no cause for alarm. So far, we chug along fat, dumb and happy and a little wiser having learned how HostGator has changed over the past few years. Without going into detail, I’ll be plotting a course to a new, safer server in the future. But I feel under no pressure now that the site’s off the hook.

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I am a Rebel

Long Saturday


Kevin Mitnick, the nation’s first dark-side hacker, who used his “social engineering” skills to send the FBI on a cat-and-mouse chase and eventually became the government’s greatest tool in understanding computer security. The legendary Lewis De Payne is also featured in this video.

Embed disabled for whatever reason

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Photoshop Phonies

Fake images for as far as the eye can see. The more real fake ones are farther away and thus can’t be readily discerned. But the ones that are less real fake ones are still completely phony, but closer.


Hit it.

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Finishing off the week with more fasties and shorts and briefs and all the adjective-nouns we’ve used in the past.

Microburst over Phoenix – 7/18/16

Egg cracker bot

Russian road rage against cyclist

Derek Jeter’s jump-throw – 10/6/98

African techno – fave

I like Friday – fave – this comes up every so often

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The GUDFAR blown hemi Impala

’63 Chevy Impala with a monster under the hood, looks scary sitting still and terrorizing at speed. Maybe too much to handle.

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Are helmets bulletproof?

Demolition Ranch receives a motorcycle helmet from a viewer who asks to see the helmet get shot with .50 BMG. Matt is glad to oblige.


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