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c014 SixPack ComicsThe Thursday Comics and Jiffs always give off a silent alarm that the weekend is coming. One more day after today and we’re off the hook for another 2.5 days. Enjoy the end of July, get through tomorrow and plan for great weekends all the way through August. Cold malted barley beverages will be the weekend’s Holy Grail.

Look under here.

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j014 150x119 JiffsThey’re here because it’s Thursday. And vice versa. Those ever repeating, rolling over on themselves animated files that are neither image nor video. They’re in limbo. Yeah, that’s it.

Hit it.

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2015 Indian Roadmaster introduced

The all-new 2015 Indian Roadmaster has arrived and there’s a reason this bike has earned its name. Setting a new benchmark as the ultimate in luxury motorcycle touring, America’s First Motorcycle Company introduces the Roadmaster for the long haul.

Short video

Video slideshow – no audio

Aricle about the new bike.

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Drift mob

BMW publicity stunt has five M235i cars performing a drift ballet in a roundabout.

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The penny jar

Red Green discusses the significance of the penny jar in marriage.

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Small car crash tests

Small car ratings run the gamut in the challenging small overlap front test. Six models earn acceptable or higher and 6 earn marginal or poor.

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No Choice frozen meals

The meal choice of losers everywhere.

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Paragliding with hawks. Must wear gloves.

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Humpday Heinies

H01 Humpday HeiniesBased on the title of this post, you can already tell what it’s about. More of the curves the ladies carry in their aft sections. That one part of the female anatomy that we can look at without getting chided or bashed, unless you’re caught looking, of course. It’s also a way to watch the motion of the ocean in your own city or town. We are all guilty of this and we love it.

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Fireworks warehouse fire

A massive inferno at a fireworks warehouse killed 2 workers at a Montreal, Quebec warehouse. Happened last year just before the 4th of July.

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A smartphone app turns deadly. A bit silly.

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Disarming a land mine in Cambodia

Local guy knows exactly what to look for. Disarms it with a multi-tool and a spanner.

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Quesadilla pizza

Good ol’ boy shows us how to make a meal on the cheap.


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8-billion pound leg press

From Russia. No one actually totaled up all the weights.

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Iceberg collapse

Woman freaks out. Adjust your volume accordingly.

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Yep. They don’t melt

You’ve probably heard about the Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich that won’t melt in the sun. The theory was put to the test. And what do you know – it won’t.

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