Photoshop Phonies

ps012 Photoshop PhoniesThe Phonies are here to finish up the final week before Christmas. If you’re planning some last minute shopping, make sure you have something malty and fizzy to come home to.

Phonies are under here.

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The late week edition of the Quickies are below.

The brewmaster’s hands

Windy Arm of Tagish Lake, Yukon

The bar slide

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Swamp buggy racing

Haven’t seen this sport in a while. Sit back and relax.


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Knuckle Heads

2025. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere. To escape their boredom the rich and the powerfull of this world have created a new and brutal form of entertainment. They host fights between “Knuckle Heads.”


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Jeff 1000

Summer Glau has to attend her ex-boyfriend’s art gallery opening and who better to accompany her than a ten-foot tall robot? Jeff agrees to go and is tasked with one job, but things go haywire when he meets the ex.

This appears to be a web series based on the the robot Jeff, with WIRED handling the load. There are more episodes here.

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SpaceX’s reusable rocket

Hank Green updates us on the new tech going on with Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

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Medieval long sword techniques

Great choreography, great moves. Might be hard to finesse these moves when there are hundreds of men fighting in close proximity.

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The long fuse

Guy lights the fuse to a canister of some explosive material and runs to a really safe distance. The suspense is spellbinding.


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j012 JiffsThe ever-looping animated video files mark the Thursday of the week. They’re just down over by there.

Over by here.

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Nissan GT-R R35 vs Audi RS6 vs Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

It appears the Nissan may be running NOS. And it has 1600hp. Don’t know about the other guys. Draw your own conclusions.

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Random battle

All you need is a little imagination.

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2014 International Robot Sumo Tournament

Fujisoft’s annual Robot Sumo Tournament started in 1990 and now sees 10 countries battle it out to be named best robot designer.

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Handyman Corner

Red Green cooks a turkey using his very special technology.

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Window glass knife sharpener

The top of your car or truck window can sharpen your knife like nothing else can.

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Ice auger kart

Take this for a spin on the frozen lake.

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Learn to speak Chinee

Lesson 1: Tones. He makes it look so easy.

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