Memorial Day

Memorial Day

This is the best long weekend of the year so far. Fly the flag. Three days never seemed more glorious. The entire neighborhood smells of charcoal smoke and barbecue sauce. With that in mind, SPT will take the day off, sorta. Family, good friends and good beer. Got some links below to tide you over for the time being.

Enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

Mass sheep herding [1:36]

How to launch a nuclear missile [7:41] – Veritasium
The End of the World [1:34] – Fave
Runit Dome [1:26]

Palace of Westminster needs renovating [6:52]

Winglets [2:53]

The year video games died [7:08]

ISS construction time lapse [2:13]

Bakery Work [11:38] – Fave

Patrol car walkthrough [8:29]

How we light fires in these parts [0:25]

Nitrous Monte Carlo [3:14]

Red Green – Unsafe [1:53]

George Harrison – This Song [3:52]

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It’s the middle day of the long holiday weekend. Monday is Memorial Day where we honor those who have lost their lives in the service of our country. Please fly the flag. With this weekend, summer has officially started in everyone’s psyche. The June 21st equinox is for astronomers and meteorologists. It’s even okay if it rains a bit. Hell, we’ve waited for this weather for so long, a little bit of rain won’t spoil it for us. Slinks are down over by dair.

Nice Pics

Balance (defined) – The Big Picture

A History of the Indianapolis 500 Auto Race [4:00]

Cheetah chases down prey [2:20]

Replica of the Wright Brothers’ plane [3:08]

Ares rocket test firing [5:39]

700+ ducks travel to the lake [4:07]

Framing houses in Minnesota [4:40]

Expanding steel shotgun slug [8:20]

CNC machine compilation [12:37]

Darn Good Balls – The Milwaukee Skeeball League [9:43]


The Big Snit [9:53]

Calvin & Hobbes – Art Before Commerce [6:21]


Botswana Music Guitar [2:46]

Wojtek Pilichowski busks on bass guitar [1:33]

Here Comes The Sun – musical time lapse [1:52]


Chinese bus concept [0:45]

Photo-shooting a rally racer from a helicopter [0:24]

Log cutter [0:29]


Rise of the beer can

Man trapped in Budweiser warehouse resorts to drinking his own urine

Hamm’s Beer from the 1970s [0:59]

* Jiffs *


DiResta axe restoration [11:43]

DP-12 double-barreled pump shotgun [6:03] – FPSRussia

NHL 2016 playoffs – hardest hits [9:06]

Great moments in boxing [6:32]

F1 driver POV [2:40]

Dragons Forever – Jackie Chan fight scene [7:09]

1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner 440 A12 [5:04] – Muscle Car of the Week

2016 UFC high kick knockouts [1:36]

Top Fuel dead heat [1:23]

Hura Tahiti 2015 Overall Round – Melanie [2:02]

Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams [3:34] – ear worm

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Frankly speaking

All is well with the world. The temps outside are perfect, it’s still pre-bug season and the ladies are back sporting their summer wear in public.

I’ve made a small dent in the garage cleanup early this week and took a break when I filled up the garbage can and recycle can.

The Skeeter Pee brewing will be undertaken this week. My wife will help. Or at least observe like a security guard in a prison tower as I “dirty” her kitchen workshop. Somewhere in the future, I’d like to try making hop-infused vodka. Sure to brighten up even the shittiest American light lager.

My son is winding down an outage at his place of work and has been giving out SPT stickers. He let me know the guys love the site but he relayed this message from them: “Tell your dad he needs to make an app.” Now that’s another job on the bucket list.

I seriously doubt whether I’ll ever be convinced to like sour beers. And I’m starting to cast a jaundiced eye towards those fruit flavored IPAs that are now picking up steam.

I’m thinking of climbing Mt. Everest. I’m thinking of getting a bicycle to get some daily exercise in my old age and while I’m still able to maintain my balance. I just may ride it to the beer store. That would be great exercise. This getting old shit really creeps up on you if you aren’t expecting it.

The Tundra’s rear is still nice and tight. No leaks. Still have to get that damn CHECK ENGINE light turned off. The part has been replaced. In spite of what my tech kids tell me, and all the self-test cycles that the vehicle’s computer goes through, It’s like the light is mocking me while the Dueling Banjos song plays from it.

I’m still loving the hell out of doing this shit on Thanks again for stopping by.

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Blue Collar Brew Review – Sierra Nevada 2016 Hoptimum Whole-Cone Imperial IPA

Sierra-Nevada-LogoOn Saturday, I made the trek to Plainfield to hopefully kill two birds with one stone. I wanted to stop by the Chicago Brew Werks homebrew shop and pick up some needed supplies. I found all the ingredients I was lacking for the Skeeter Pee recipe, picked up some Star San, PBW and a new fermenting bucket. That left just under 50 bucks on the wooden gift card I received last Christmas.

Of course, Binny’s was right down the road and that was next on the list of destinations. Inside, I cornered one of their beer guys and gave him a short list, asking if they received delivery of two beers by DFH, Bierre De Provence and their Flesh & Blood IPA, new releases for May. Alas, they had neither.

Hopt fourI started scanning shelves and found one from Sierra Nevada, their spring release of 2016 Hoptimum Whole-Cone Imperial IPA. It seems like every year I spot this beer and pass it by in favor of some other, but this time, in an effort to get a bit closer to Sierra Nevada than I have been, I decided to buy this beer and try to find a taste difference between a whole-cone beer and one using pellet or leaf hops. With all the different styles of beer and all the different varieties of hops, I doubt if anyone with the exception of a few IPA taste geeks, could tell the difference. It’s still a brewery bragging point, though. Ten bucks and change changed hands and was happily out the door ready for the trek home.

No mysterious names, no legendary characters, the beer comes across in name as easily read and easily understood.

Let’s get started.

Hopt foamThe beer poured a nice red-orange color into the glass and raised a one-inch, thick-knit, slightly yellowish head. The liquid was nice and clear, but the only carbonation in the glass came from the nucleation point at the bottom. The aroma held for me some sweet malts and hops just like many other IPAs.

The first sip was very surprising. I was expecting a tonsil wrecking bitterness bomb when in fact, what I got was a whole lot of mouthfeel, some sweetness at the front and that familiar grassy, resiny hop bitterness at the back. That bitterness however was slightly masked by the up front malt flavors.

This Hoptimum had a nicely balanced flavor. Malts and hops played nicely together. The hops used, Magnum, Chinook and Simcoe are all high alpha hops and I never expected this taste to come out of the beer with those hops in the recipe. According to SN’s website, there’s one additional hop used. “It features resinous hop varieties, Magnum, Chinook, Simcoe and a new experimental hop variety exclusive to Sierra Nevada.” No tropical fruit flavors, but rather quite tasty resinous pine and grass nuances.

A Frankenhop. I would think that the high alpha acids in the three mentioned hops would tend to mask whatever that fourth hop was packin’.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.58.17 PMThe more I drank, the more I realized how well-made the beer was. There a lot of tastes in each sip and not one ingredient stands out among all the others. The beer goes down nice and easy but it soon became apparent that sippage slowdown was in order. A bit of stomach warming was the first clue.

Hoptimum is part of SN’s High Altitude series and it’s joined by Bigfoot barleywine and Narwhal imperial stout. All are high alcohol beers with Hoptimum carrying the highest ABV of the three. It’s released in the late spring and goes until about September. Then Narwhal comes out. The three beers are the heavy hitters for the year.

Hoptimum is not a go-to beer. It’s a beer that should be savored in small quantities during a special drinking session. It should be remembered as a well-made, well balanced, world class DIPA. I gotta say, Hoptimum surprised the hell out of me.

Hoptimum should be available now wherever Sierra Nevada beers are sold. If you don’t see it, ask for it in a stern voice. And pound the counter with your fist. Be polite.

HoptimumThe SixPackTech summary for Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Whole-Cone Imperial IPA:

Style: Imperial/Double IPA
Taste: Delicious. Just what I was expecting and more.
Smoothness: Surprisingly calm for a DIPA.
Drinkability: Slow sippin’ makes for a great experience.
Bang for the buck: Great for the taste delivered.
Amount paid: $9.99 per four-pack of 12-ounce bottles.
Get it again? Probably so.
ABV: 10.4%
Brewer’s website
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: (Sniff) Citrusy again. (sip) Oh. Oh, this is almost medicinal. (sip) Dry and bitter. I don’t like it at all. (Yep. She’s in the bathroom brushing her tongue again.)

RateBeer rates.







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This is the last dam run of likker I’ll ever make

Long Saturday

Popcorn Sutton had made a home movie of himself making moonshine in 1998, which he sold on VHS tape out of his Maggie Valley Junk shop, at the bend of the road heading out of town towards Soco Gap and Cherokee. The film had the same title as his self-penned book, “Me and My Likker,” and was re-released by Sutton in 2009 as “Popcorn Sutton Making Likker a Long Time Ago.” After working with Neal Hutcheson on the documentary film Mountain Talk (released in 2002), the two teamed up to produce a new film with Popcorn making moonshine. Hutcheson produced the first cut for Popcorn to sell and it was available for many years exclusively on VHS tape from the man himself. The footage was reworked into the Emmy award-winning PBS release “The Last One” (released in 2008) However, the legend of the original film, “last run,” was growing even as it was becoming almost impossible to find. The film was remastered and released as a bonus feature with the 10th anniversary edition of “The Last One” in 2012.


YouTube link.

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Photoshop Phonies

Digitally remastered images could only mean that the original ‘mastered’ images were not good enough. By remastering them, they have been rendered as real fake phony ersatz stand-ins that do the same thing, only falsely remastered over again.


Hit it.

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Finishing off the week just the way we started, with shorts and briefs.

Goddam buncar – vert. vid


Crazy last round of boxing

Saving face

Orbit Gum – Fave – Fave

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Low Riders in Santa Fe

More than 100 lowriders cruised into the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico decked out with retro paint jobs as part of a celebration of lowrider culture. (May 24th.)

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The Slinning Bonfire

In Norway, the people of Slinning celebrate the summer solstice by having a gigantic bonfire on a small peninsula. This is the one from last year. 30 meters high.

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103-yard punt return

The longest punt return in Rams’ franchise history is an interesting one. Rams vs. Saints – 1994.

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Mac & cheese – Fave

There’s so much that you can do at the laundromat.

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Car chopping contest

Spain has their own version of a lumberjack competition.

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Dismantling the Costa Concordia

Time lapse of the ill-fated Concordia being taken apart, piece by piece.

More info.

A jiff of the righting.

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Truck tire quick change

Probably from South America. A couple of prybars and some muscle make quick work of mounting a new tire. Infaltion cage not required.

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It’s Thursday and the Jiffs are ready to roll and re-roll. Again. Over and… you know the rest.


Hit it.

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Viper sets 1/2 mile speed record

1500 hp TT Gen-V Viper on 19″ tires tries and tries until finally it happened. 200 mph.

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