It’s the off week for the NFL, except for the Pro Bowlers who have to go to Hawaii to run around a field for a while pretending to play football. You’ll put the game on and after a short while you’ll wonder, why am I wasting my time on this? I could be enjoying the wonders of SixPackTech on the computer which is just in the other room. The Slinks will be there.

And here they are:

Succession crisis in Saudi Arabia – The Caspian Report [5:27] – posted 4/13

Undeveloped film from World War II [10:35]

How do you get a gun in Canada? [14:23]

28 months on Mars: time-lapse of Curiosity [2:26]

1956 Chevrolet Corvette SR-2 [3:29]

Muscle cars of Chicago Street Racing [3:32]

A new level of archery [5:51]

Destination Moon [8:32]

World record high dive – 1984 [2:39]

You don’t know shit [23:11]


Heat vs. Replusion [3:50]

El Terror [1:26]

Fight for Food [3:43]


Incredible bass solo [1:33]

Didgeridoo busker [1:11]

Last Rag (Devil May Cry) [4:18] – Tom Brier the neckbeard guy


Soccer playing excavators [0:48] – vertical video

The dangers of playing cricket [0:32]

iRacing game barrel roll [0:29]

* Jiffs *


2015 craft beer release schedule calendars

Best craft breweries in America

Craft beer uses 4 times the malt of corporate  beer


Long swords [2:34]

Ken Block shows off his F-150 Raptor Trax [7:03]

Drag racing mishaps [15:56]

Meat bullet [10:49] – lot of wiener jokes

Jackie Chan vs. Benny the Jet from in a scene from Meals on Wheels (1984) [5:26]

Jeremy Clarkson drives the Bugatti Veyron [8:04]

Jerry Miculek – A day in the life [5:01]

The world’s fastest Pontiac Tempest [8:51] – Muscle Car of the Week

Roy Nelson – UFC Fat Guy [4:33]

Surfing machine at the gym [2:21]

Doobie Brothers – China Grove [3:25]

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Frankly speaking

Special thanks to the folks at for renewing their sponsorship with SPT for another year. It’s a great device for opening all of the containers you may encounter which hold beer inside. Cheers!

I’ve been spending my late nights watching documentaries of all kinds and I find it enlightening and educational. I’ve wondered how such lengthy videos would go over on this site. There’s no accurate way to determine the demographic of the visitors to SPT but I’d say that we’re mostly males, 30 to 50-plus years old. Chances are good that I’m completely wrong or right. (?)

I’d like to post these very interesting documentaries that I’ve watched in order to share them with you. Starting next week on Saturday, I’ll post the first one and schedule it for some time in the morning. This way, anytime during the day on Saturday (if that’s your day off,) you can settle back and learn something about history or industry or computers or what have you before you read the Brew Review. The vids are usually and hour to 90 minutes long. Your comments are appreciated.

Bell’s Hopslam is coming to Illinois towards the end of this week and I’ll be making an effort to procure a sixer and dive into multiple 12-ounce pools of malts and hops that will leave me in a state of Nevada Nirvana. Big beer releases like this have subtle changes from year to year, batch to batch. For me, I’d just like to get anesthetized on the hops in Hopslam. Let me sleep where you find me.

When you think about it, winter has been kind to us this year so far. No blizzards or below zero temps and no massive snowfalls. It may mean that it’s gathering forces for next year or for a grand finale at the beginning of spring. It seems to be manic-depressive and this year is its off-year.

I have less than 10 SPT stickers left. A new order is required. Get some of the remaining for stickers for a drastically reduced price of FREE! Just send an email to sixpacktech@gmail and ask. Include your mailing address in the message. You’ll get ‘em in a week. More or less. My dime.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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Blue Collar Brew Review – Stone Matt’s Burning Rosids Cherrywood Smoked Imperial Saison

Stone logoI had no desire to drive out to Joliet this weekend so I resolved myself to shop locally for worthy beer for review. One such beer caught my eye and I gave the label a bit of scrutiny. The beer was from Stone Brewing and was Matt’s Burning Rosids. It was an Imperial Cherrywood-Smoked Saison.

Smoked. Hmm. I’ve had a few smoked beers that were terrible and some where I couldn’t tell they was smoked at all. This was a gamble I was willing to take. I took the long shot and picked up two bombers with the hope that any smokiness would take a backseat to the overall flavor.

Matt CourtrightThe Matt in question was Matt Courtright who worked at Stone Brewing until a forklift accident took his life. He died doing what he loved. Stone brewed this beer in his memory. Kudos to Stone, one of the 10 largest breweries in the country.

rosidWhat the hell are rosids? These are rosids.

Here we have another example of how brewers pay no regard to official beer style guidelines and use some creativity and experience like world renown chefs who create something new and different.

Rosids bottleThe beer is an imperial saison. No such style exists. Brewers are pushing the envelope while Bud, Miller and Coors are calling for doomsday. Not only an imperial saison, but a cherrywood smoked imperial saison. Stone is leaps and bounds above beechwood aging.

The term smoked gave me pause. When you place imperial next to saison, you have my undivided attention. My imagination starts to stir. Throw in smoked and I raise an eyebrow. Nothing good can come from this.

Gambling on Stone’s reputation, I decided to take the gamble and hope that the imperial part overruled the smoked part.

Another question evolved: Stone’s recommended serving temperature. Would the beer taste better after it warmed up a bit? I’ll try to look into that as during the session.

Let’s get’s get started.

Rosids foamThe liquid contents poured with an orange-yellow color and brought up a one-inch head of pure white. The glass was translucent but I could see carbonation happening all over the inside. The aroma was of a sweet nectary drink.

The body was medium and the flavor was slightly sweet and at first reminded me of pencil shavings, then a slight smokey taste came forward. These two flavors combined made it a bit odd for my taste buds.

At the very beginning of eat sip, there was a nice, light, sweet flavor just like a great saison beer. But the transfer of the liquid to the back for swallowing brings out the smokey characteristic. It’s like falling out of bed during a lucid dream. It’s over in a flash.

Over the course of a few sips and warming, the smoke flavor dimmed down a bit, but it was still there. I brought the half full/half empty bomber out of the fridge to warm up the contents while I finished the first glassful. It’s suggested to drink the beer at 55 degrees.

Some people who have reviewed this beer have revealed themselves to me to be chock full of horse puckey. ”Taste is sweet malts, rose pedals, honey, clove and a sweet roasty wood chips. Slight tartiness and light bitter finish which is well balanced.” I get none of that except the sweet and the smoke. 6 of one, half-dozen of the other. Some people have said that they can taste cherries in the beer. How does anyone get a cherry flavor from burnt wood? Oh yeah… it’s cherry wood. What if it was cottonwood? How about pussy willow?

The last glassful warmed up quite a bit and the smoky flavor was subdued, but still there. There was no redemption. Warm or cold, I still didn’t care for it that much. I still finished the bomber. After all… it’s still beer.

There is no pleasure for me in this beer. It’s a mullet beer. Business in front and a fire in back.

I’m not a big fan of smoked beers, period. (I can still recall reviewing O’Fallon Smoke and hating it.) I can take tartness up to a point. I like the sweet introduction of each sip but the swallow is just not for me. I’ve said before that I am no expert beer tasting guru of any sort. I just know what I like.

rosids glass

if you spot this beer on one of the shelves at the bottle shop and you have a tolerance for smoked beers, grab one and try it out. You’ll probably like it. Sorry, Matt. This beer is just not for me.

I’ll finish this bomber and contemplate about uncapping the other one. I scored two bottles of Zombie Dust and they’re jumping up and down in the fridge right now. I can hear them clinking over here.

2013_BurningRosids_LabelDesign_22oz-inR13The SixPackTech summary for Stone Matt’s Burning Rosids Cherrywood-Smoked Imperial Saison:

Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale
Taste: Odd. Odd and smokey.
Smoothness: Easy to drink, hard to swallow.
Drinkability: Let it warm up and try again.
Bang for the buck: Dollars for experience. A lesson learned.
Amount paid: $7.99 per 22-ounce bottle.
Get it again? Nope.
ABV: 10.5%
Brewer’s website
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: (Sniff )I don’t smell cherry. Maybe it’s the smoke. (sip) Kinda… nothing. There’s really nothing much. (She’s better off than me.)

RateBeer rates.

Read Stone’s tribute to Matt Courtright and watch his video.

Burning Roses

Burning Roses

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Photoshop Phonies

ps01Once again, the week finishes with some fake pictures which, in some cases, stun the eyeballs and cause astigmatism in the brain organ. These are real images altered to look real and fake at the same time. How can this be?

Look under here.

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Rounding out the week with a few more briefs and short vids which don’t last for a long time causing the reader to lose interest and go elsewhere for videos which are more… Wait. Just shut up already.

Cialis for deflated balls

Viper vs. CO6

Wild ride

Shotgun and pants – Fave

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NFL 2015 — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

The guys who do this shit are amazing.


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Winter Sleeman

Some Canadians really love their beer.

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SWAT bot takes fire

Swatbot gets shot by over 1,000 rounds of automatic assault rifle gun fire. Not so much about tactics or angles or bullet calibers. Video demonstrates the power of the bot. And for some reason, SWAT teams need this?

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If Michael Bay directed Up

yep. Just what you think. Plenty of explosions and flames.

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Fireworks festival in Taiwan

Spectators are urged to wear motorcycle helmets with full face protection.

[4:53] – stop whenever

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Colima volcano in Mexico spews

The Colima volcano erupted on January 21st, 2015 and it was caught on video.

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j01Thursday Jiffs are back for another viewer viewing. If animated gif files were truly repeating, looping gifs, then every Jiff posted on this site should be repeating en masse. What a nightmare that woud be. But they’re probably doing that in their own subdirectories right now. Don’t want to check for fear of getting lost in some time warp.

Jiffs under here.

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Flat out max attack

Rally racer Robert Kubica is on a mission.

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Microsoft HoloLens

Just became public yesterday. Microsoft touts this new technology and it looks as if the Minority Report will soon become a reality. This comes on the heels of Google announcing that they will no longer be producing Glass. This brings to mind Oculus Rift and the virtual reality that it offers. Chances are, all the tech pundits will fawn over this new MS tech and write thousands of words on how it will affect our lives and make living better, or the different ways it will fail. But knowing Microsoft, chances are that it will be forgotten probably by the end of this year.

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Hooters & Hot Rods

Cruisin’ Orlando holds these Car Shows in different locations. Is a free event. There are a lot of beautiful classic and modern cars that show up to these events.

This event was held in Sanford, FL.

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Macho seatbelt

Red Green has a new design for the car’s 3-point restraint.

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