j013 JiffsJiffs are here so it must be Thursday. It sure as hell ain’t Sunday. But that’s coming. The Jiffs?  They’re down there.


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How to make a Taser

Electronic genius Mehdi Sadaghdar instructs us on how to make a high voltage shocking device from an ignition coil. And he proves that it works.


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Top fuel

Dom Lagana does a solo run for new track record in Michigan.

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Big rig drag racing

A look at the 18-wheelers going at it during the annual event in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce Québec, Canada.

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Possum Lodge Word Game

Red Green plays a word association game with demolition aficionado Edgar Montrose.

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The Slauerhoff Bridge

The Slauerhoffbrug is a fully automatic bascule bridge (tail bridge) in the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. It uses two arms to swing a section of road in and out of place within the road itself.

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Very strange commercial

Kind of a cross between an Internet equipment expo and the Dukes of Hazzard.

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The GaffGun

Great invention for those behind-the-scenes wire tenders.

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Humpday Honeys – See-through

H01 125x150 Humpday Honeys   See throughOne of the most tempting ways to show off the female anatomy is the see-through garment. Lightweight and filmy, these fabrics reveal as much as they hide. The ladies know this and sometimes they wear them in public. Outside or in private, the images they convey will make any man sit up in his chair.

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How to drive a monster truck

Up close and personal with some monster truck drivers with a bit of instructions thrown in.


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Rap 24HP “semidiesel”

This video illustrates what happends when these two stroke semidiesels run out due to too much oil in the crankcase.

Never knew these existed. Old motor still has some spunk left in it.

Read the entire description below the video here. It’s an interesting story.

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Oil on the pavement

Aussie hoon loses his engine during a burnout show. Just rewards.

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Making Braai Pie

Making a meat pie on the braai is quick and easy.

What’s a braai? A South African grill. And there’s a procedure for men.

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Milling a wooden bathtub

Guys assemble the walnut base and sides. Then the robot takes over.

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Norwegian Drill Team precision

Nothing special but a squad of soldiers acting in unison.

Needs a music soundtrack like the Polish troops had.

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The dress is too tight

Fashion designer Zahia Dehar, attends a bash with the paparazzi looking on. Dress needs a redesign to roomier v2.0.

This is she (!) in that famous video from a while back.

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