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c012 SixPack ComicsIt’s Thursday and the weekend is almost here. The August dog days are coming to the midwest accompanied by rain and humidity. Summer seasonals are still in order (unless you’re adventurous.) Hang in there one more day. And good luck today and tomorrow if you work outside.

Comics. Look!

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j012 JiffsYou know it’s Thursday when the Jiffs show up (unless I forget.) Here they are once again in all their repetitive repetition. (?)

Look under here.

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Drag racing double barrel roll

Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series racers Monte Green, Haxtun, Colo., and Don Kritzky, Cottage Grove, Minn., were involved in separate racing incidents during a side-by-side race in Top Dragster eliminations. Green’s car went out of control and crashed near the finish line. Green was treated and released at the scene. Kritzky’s dragster also went out of control and crashed near the finish line. Kritzky was alert and conscious following the incident and was airlifted to North Memorial Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minn., for further evaluation.

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58 cal. shotgun sabots

The guys at Taofledermaus wanted to sight-in a new Mossberg 500 12ga hunting shotgun so they set up some interesting targets to show how much impact these rounds have. The stainless plate has been shot previously with a wax slug and a hardened-steel ball bearing shot from a 12 ga. shotgun. These sabot rounds definitely put a larger dent in the plate.

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Resisting change

Red Green explains why it is important to resist change.

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The deep thoughts of Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman, with all his grizzled wisdom and vocal gravitas, sat down to share the most profound things ever pondered in a shower.

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Websites do not know your password

A brief introduction to password hashing for the uninitiated — and why you should never trust a site that emails your password back to you.

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Slamball revisited

Slamball may be still alive. It was hot on Spike TV in ’02 and ’03, then had a resurrection in China in 2012. Here are some of the best highlights from back in the early days.

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Humpday Honeys – A view from the side

s01 Humpday Honeys   A view from the sideIn some rare instances one may catch a glimpse of some partial female anatomy as they pass or go about their business. A loosely fitting shirt or top may reveal a nice profile of the whole package. The ladies do this because they feel comfortable and they know we like it. We urge them to continue.

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Jules Winnfield coaches junior hockey

Samuel L. Jackson appears as a youth hockey coach showing intensity in getting the message across.

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Manned and unmanned vehicle takeoff and landing

ATLANTIC OCEAN (Aug. 17, 2014) The Navy’s unmanned X-47B conducts flight operations aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). The aircraft completed a series of tests demonstrating its ability to operate safely and seamlessly with manned aircraft.

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Nitro ice cream

Come visit Sweet ‘n’ Swirly in Clarksville to try out the newest in ice cream technology, made with Nitrogen. 100% food safe, this technique flash freezes the liquid ice cream right in front of your eyes. Choose from over 31 flavors and toppings to make the ice cream uniquely yours.

Take the last train there.

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Lurpak Cook’s Range

Venture forth with Lurpak Cook’s Range to embark on new food adventures in the kitchen.

It should look this good at home.

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360ball and Spikeball

Looks like these are locally invented sports just like bags. Here are two versions: one in a facility and one on a beach in Chicago.



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Splitting cedar shakes

Lots of patience and a special axe make splitting shakes a snap.

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Tactical Walls

Tactical Walls creates concealment solutions for your home or office. Hide your guns in plain sight using these innovative designs.

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