Humpday Honeys – Lingerie

The ladies have a hidden wardrobe which their partners see in dim lighting. The subdued lighting enhances the bodily shape while the straps, stays, gussets and support geometry tend to awe and confound the men in waiting. Except for engineers. There’s something special about a woman in lingerie.

View image set.

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Waking the monsters

Moments of arousal – firing up 4000+ HP drag racing machines.


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Tie wire tying pliers from heaven

These pliers are terrific for a lot of reasons. For the record – Channel Lock did not pay me to make this video – I’m just a long term satisfied customer. I have no doubt there are other great wire tying pliers on the market these days but I have never had a reason to use anything else!


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Llamas on the lloose

Two llamas ran for freedom in Sun City, AZ, with pedestrians and police in hot pursuit. For fun, we put their crazy adventure into a high-speed musical number.

Thank god the music wasn’t Benny Hill’s Yakkety Sax.

Chase went on for hours. More info. (With free autoplay video.)

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Steak and ale pie

This steak and ale pie recipe is gonna blow your minds because it has the very special Goose Island Bourbon County Imperial Stout in it.

Sponsored in part by AB-InBev.


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Student in firefighter training

Czech student handles the rigorous physical beating quite well. All that was missing was a roaring fire and a full-face respirator.


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2010 Illinois State Fair hog calling contest – fave

The judges must have years of experience and tuned ear to be able to pick the winners.


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Selfish shelter

The one minute tale of a survivalist.
When the siren rings in the distance, a family has to get inside the shelter… Nothing will ever be the same again.

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Domino’s Pizza Fresh Hack

How to sharpshoot the Domino’s pizza offer. Follow along. Take notes if you have to.

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Testing 4-way intersection traffic flows

30 different scenarios, one answer: allow vehicles to pass through other vehicles.


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SixPack Pics

The package smelled like smoke and maybe some gunpowder. It was sent from northernmost Tunguska Grove, Illinois.

Hit it.

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.458 SOCOM – destroys everything

Gregg demonstrates the .458 SOCOM launching some 300 grain hard cast hand loaded rounds. The gel shot used a ballistic-tip hollow point. We had a few problems with the red, hard cast bullets as they had not been tested through this gun -as you can see with the placement of some of the shots. This was after we took quite a few shots just getting the sight adjusted. Those who reload can understand how much trial and error goes into loading rounds so they have the ideal ballistics. But we had fun playing with this lead launcher.


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Dirty Gronk Quickie

Gronkowski puts a late hit on Tre’Davious in a recent Patriots/Bills game.

But Gronk has had his share of hits as well.

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Double faves

Helicopter harvests Christmas trees in Oregon

How to not get your ass kicked by the police – Chris Rock

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2018 Kia Soul passenger-side small overlap crash test

2018 Kia Soul 40 mph passenger-side small overlap IIHS crash test

Overall evalution: Acceptable – I thought the crash was pretty damn good.

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Fastest Asian workers

Clever ad for an Asian investment company.

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