Photoshop Phonies

A round of fake photos to round out the round week. Actually, the week was quite linear. But each week comes around again making it sort of round. On a lengthier level. A song comes to mind.


Hit it.

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The last batch of short duration vids which usually last under a minute have been rounded up and presented below. They appear every Monday, Friday and Sunday. The days themselves last longer than a minute. Your mileage may vary.

Sydney, Australia weather radar, Apr. 19-23

Pacquiao – It’s Really Happening

Gordon Ramsay makes lunch

Chair traverse – Fave

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Super jet ski

Guy puts a Hayabusa engine in his jet ski, then shows off his hot dog skills.

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First step toward the robot rebellion

Intel CEO controls a swarm of spider bots using wristband tech. This could give rise to some evil mad scientist in the years to come.

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Halo Warthog

Real life Warthog, as depicted in the Halo video games, visits a Marine base.

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Phillie Flexcam

The Flexcam is turned towards the fans in the stands. It’s all cute and nice until a babe takes off her sweater.

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New from Volvo

The Arabs will probably eat this up. No, wait. It probably doesn’t drift. CEOs then, maybe.

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Google’s Project Fi

Introducing Project Fi, a new way to say hello.

A behind the scenes look.

They are expecting a call from the NS… you know who.

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The Jiffs are back with another encore. That almost seems redundant, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what they do.


Hit it.

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“A knockout so powerful, you’d think his family felt it.”

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IKEA concept kitchen

IKEA looks 10 years into the future and imagines what working in the kitchen would be like.

They may have modified a design by Microsoft.

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Tetra KO fire suppressant

A real-life demonstration, using old buildings, to show the effectiveness of EarthClean’s Tetra KO fire suppression product.


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Convertible van

Red Green cuts the roof off of a van. Just like the title said.

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Fire suppression system

The USAF 138th Fighter Wing conducts a test of a newly installed fire foam suppression system.

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1984 Corvette commercial

This old video was most probably lifted from VHS tape. The point being, what were the marketers thinking when they were putting this video ad together. The theme song sounds so bizarre, unidirectional turbine finned wheels, tires engineered for all four corners, and most probably, 360° circumferential steering wheel and image reflecting mirrors. NEVER BEFORE. (And if you hooked up the battery backwards, the horn would suck.)

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PIC Flexcam

This product is in a fundraising stage right now, but looks to be a poor man’s alternative to a GoPro.

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