Photoshop Phonies

Today as usual, we have a batch of digitally altered (faked) images. Some are not real while most are fakes but all have been altered computerally. (?)


Hit it.

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Last chance for shorts and briefs this week.

Sugar in coffee

Wedding reception knockout

Summer storm in the Netherlands

Treevenge – Fave

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Google Translate app

New smart phone app from Google translates print into your language of choice on the fly. A step closer to Star Trek tech.

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Fun with jetpacks

Compilation of short flights using a jetpack. One of these was bought used from James Bond.

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Spider car

The Swincar was created by a French inventor features all terrain capabilities while being all electric.

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Tight gaps

Drone flies through tiny openings with precision.

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Hot southwest

Arizona weatherman plays along with a screen computer malfunction when showing the temps. Surprise, Arizona? Didn’t know that.

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There’s snow in Buffalo

A huge pile of snow left from a November blizzard is slowly melting in Buffalo, New York. And it doesn’t look good.

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Thursday rolls around again and so do the Jiffs. They’ll roll around on Sunday and then again next Thursday. That’s what they do. They come around so often but we still don’t know how to classify them. Neither image nor video. They’re just Jiffs.


Hit it.

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Hacking the ‘Smart’ sniper rifle

Security researchers Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger can hack into TrackingPoint self-aiming rifles and make the famously accurate guns miss the intended target.

They’ll be on the same recall list as Chrysler.

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Pierce Brosnan as Bond again?

What if Spectre didn’t star Daniel Craig? What if Pierce Brosnan returned as 007 one more time?

He’d have a little trouble getting his gun up to shoot.

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Alka Seltzer in space

Astronaut inserts a tablet into a blob of water in zero G.

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A better look at how gas nozzles work

Guy who knows explains to us exactly how the gas fill nozzles shut off and other gas pump features are explained as well.

(Single channel audio)

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Small car horn

Red Green gives a small car a big voice.

(Volume up a bit.)

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Harry Potter gang war

Special effects were added to a recent video of street thugs shooting Roman candles.

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Windows 10 launched yesterday

With that knowledge, where were you in 1995?

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