Photoshop Phonies

Fake Photos return for Friday. Some are unreal, some are imaginary but all are fake. Except for the phonies which are in a class all their own.


Hit it.

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Finishing off the week with a bumper crop of fasties.

Rubber chicken in a fan

A Viking using the loo

Sideways lightning

Drone goes down like a bug

Industrial bot ride – fave

Chinese hurdler doesn’t care – fave

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Mini Nova

This one of a kind garage built ‘MINIATURE NOVA’ is one of the coolest things we have seen in a while! We saw this thing for sale on Craigslist and decided to track it down. Here is the Craigslist Ad ….. Miniature 70 nova. Tube chassis car with fiberglass body and doors. Toyota 8 bolt rear diff, mustang front suspension, Kawasaki zx12r fuel injected engine and 6 speed transmission. Has room in rear fender well to fit a 26×14 tire. Super fast and tons of fun. Highlight every car show and cruise night.

It’s for sale and the guy is asking $10k and lives in Missouri.

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Deploying an airbag in slow motion

The Slow Mo Guys show how fast car airbags inflate by filming them at 2500fps.


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Upside down over Poland

…we are simply following our childhood dreams and promote flying, Polish Air Force and aerobatics…always FULL FORCE, smoke and afterburner ON with some negative G… – Artur Kielak

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Friday fave

Saturn V model rocket launch

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Crash testing a shopping cart

The world’s fastest shopping cart is crashed into a car and then a barrier. Sets a shopping cart speed record at 117.8 kph (a little over 73 mph.)

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A hobby bot called MM

Guy has a small RC controlled bot he calls MM that can descend stairs and fight other inanimate objects. The secret is in the slight seismic seizures.

Down the stairs – vibrating to put heels flush with stair riser

Imitating a human – sorta

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Dressing up in a suit of armor

A video showing how to dress in and wear armor (harness) from late 14th century. The harness is a detailed reconstruction based on the effigy of the Black Prince (1330-1376) in the Canterbury Cathedral, other relevant effigies, paintings in 14th century manuscripts and late 14th century armour displayed in The Royal Armories in Leeds.

Quite a long involved process and the entire suit weighs 36kg (about 80 lbs.)

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It’s Thursday and the Jiffs have shown up and left the building only to come back in and do the same thing.


Hit it.

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Wind turbine fire

Getting energy comes at a cost. This happened in Diepholz, Germany earlier this month.

You were hoping that blade would stick in the ground straight up, weren’t you? I sure was.

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Rifle rounds chain reaction

Is it possible for one round of ammunition to set off another round, and that round set off the next, thus creating a chain-reaction? I’ve never seen any videos of this being tested. I made a contraption to test this theory and showed the rig in a video last week. I asked the viewers to predict what they though would happen. Nearly everyone had NO confidence in the way I was going to do it. I used the wrong rounds, wrong type of tubing, wrong bb gun, etc. People were using phystics, citing Mythbusters, and applying their own experience to come up with answers. Most answers were why it wouldn’t work. 2 people DID call it and guessed correctly!


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Airlander 10 comes down hard

After mastering flying, the newest hybrid blimp and lighter than air vessel and world’s largest and longest airship has a bit of a problem landing. Cockpit gets its ceiling lowered. It’s like a crash in slow motion.

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Thursday fave

Bandsaw magic

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Drying paint

Red Green and his friend Walter paint the shed and try to get it to dry as fast as possible.

[stop at 2:07]

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Rain bomb

A stormchaser captured a large downward burst of rain and wind. A microburst rain bomb.

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