Humpday Honey – Lindsey Strutt

Lindsey Anne Strutt is a British glamor/topless model. She first appeared in Loaded, a British “lad’s mag.” She has been a regular feature in Loaded since her first appearance, and also appears in Nuts, a weekly. In the January 2008 issue of Loaded, she won the Globe for Best of the Best.

Lindsey is often featured with other Brit models such as Lucy Pinder and Rhiann Sugden.


Lindsey Strutt is our Honey for this week.

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Badmaro – girl driven street car

Twin-turbo 6L Camaro is driven a young lady fresh out o high school. There’s gotta be a dad or big brother with her at these events.

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When you turn down a beer…

…you risk having your friends turn on you.

The Scots have their way.

Aussies are the best.

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The Wish

A little girl finds a magic lamp in the attic. Things get a bit tough for the genie.

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Squad fried chicken

Matty Matheson shows us how-to make fried chicken. It’s not southern fried chicken, it’s squad fried chicken. Squad fried chicken can be from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a good group of buddies to share it with.


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Fave for Wednesday

An F1 driver takes his wife for a spin around the track. Yep. I can identify.


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Pickup truck headlights

ARLINGTON, Va. — Drivers of late-model pickup trucks are likely to find themselves squinting into the darkness or temporarily blinding other drivers, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s latest headlight ratings show.

All four small pickups evaluated are available only with headlights that earn a poor rating. The same goes for 3 out of 7 large pickups. Only one large pickup, the Honda Ridgeline, is available with good-rated headlights, though all but the most expensive trim levels come with poor ones.

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Deer slug vs. SUV

Almost not as ridiculous as a deer slug vs. an iPhone 7.

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MADtv’s skit featuring Tony Soprano having various issues while the editors try to keep it safe for TV. Will Sasso does an excellent job.

Word of the day is “capicola.”

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SixPack Pics

The images arrived in a warm but clammy envelope. Of course, it was sent from Commatose, Illinois.


Hit it.

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BIG NASTY rat rod Diesel

There are plenty of folks that don’t like the term or idea of a ‘Rat Rod’. With that being said, we LOVE the idea of people rescuing old steel from a fence row or barn, and we couldn’t give a shit less what people call it or if they like it.

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Robots programmed to kill

Anki gave us their new Cozmo robot to make a video. We may or may not have ran it over.


More info on Anki and the bot.

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Shooting a semi-automatic pistol safely

This is a “Basics” video for those very, very new to firearms. Be mindful of your fingers and the gun’s slide mechanism.

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Double faves

Korean guy tests a window lock

Dancing grounds crew guy

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Animals and technology

Trying to bring the creatures closer to the tech experience.



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Varm it

Odd couple roommates, an Indian guy and a gullible white guy discuss the prepared supper.

RELEVANT: Russell Peters on the Indian accent

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