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p014 Sixpack Pics & ComicsTuesday brings static images that are unusual and many times, a bit humorous. Sometimes not. This may be one of those times.

Hit it.

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UFC bantamweight fight

Dominick Cruz has solidified his return to the UFC with his dominant win over Takeya Mizugaki.

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Texas A&M barrier

Engineers at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute are testing the pipe-shaped barrier for the U.S. State Department. Researchers say the passive barrier is designed to keep a 15,000 pound truck from crashing into an overseas embassy complex, and the goal is to keep the bed of the truck from penetrating one meter past the protective side. The barrier is made from a 12-inch diameter steel pipe that’s an inch thick, and the ends are embedded in a concrete base.

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The thousand-yard shot & spin drift

Some effects to consider when shooting long range.

1,000-yard shot

Spin drift

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Animated bicycle seat – fave

A bike seat lip syncs a song while a babe rides on it.

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Train passes overhead

Guy places a GoPro between a set of railroad tracks as a train doing 75mph passes above it. Note the flexing of the wooden tie.

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Loss of Wi-Fi

When the Wi-Fi goes down a group of freelancers react appropriately. A bit silly. I know the feeling though.

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A plan to capture asteroids

NASA is in the early stages of testing a plan to capture and redirect asteroids nearly the size of the Chelyabinsk meteor that struck Russia. If successful, the captured asteroid will be taken to the moon where astronauts will embark on the most dangerous space walk ever in an attempt to take samples for study.

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Jalopy Jam Up

JalopyJamUp Jalopy Jam Up

It was a gamble. What if you and a couple of old-car-loving pals held a show in the middle of rural Canada, far from any urban centre, down a back road, in an old frontier-style ghost town? And on top of that, what if you kept the focus tight, almost exclusive? Nothing after 1963. Traditional hot rods only. How successful could that be? As it turns out it was whole lot more than successful. It was fabulous. It was the first annual JalopyJamUp.


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Here we go again. A new week and more Quickies to start it off. They go by in the wink of three eyes.

DC-10 fire tanker drops

Sikh Elvis

The dunk that didn’t count

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Taunting from the stands

Philadelphia Phillies fans mock Craig Kimbrel’s wind-up from behind home plate as Philly plays the Atlanta Braves.

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Bad British hockey commentary

He’s back with another call, this time, a hockey game.

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Farmers come to town

This is a scene out of our dreams. If only…

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The casino valet

On his first day on the job as a parking valet, a young guy gets a surprise from Volvo.

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Deeper pockets

A Dutch mobile tailor alters pockets in skinny jeans to accommodate the new iPhone 6 Plus.

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The Polaroid Cube

Polaroid throws its hat into the ring with the hopes of giving GoPro a run for their money.


More info here.

Read the short CNET review here.

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