It’s Sunday and it’s a bit cooler than we’re used to out there. Temps are in the lower 60s and jackets or hoodies are the norm for outdoor travel or work activities. Trees leaves are starting to turn as the trees start to shut down for the cold weather to come. Very soon, the last of the annoying crickets will be gone. If you decide to stay in today to catch the game or just stay/get warm, we have some entertainment in the form of Slinks below.

NASA images of Mars

Extreme computers – overclocking [12:10]

The real story behind the Nazis and the Volkswagen

Isaac Asimov’s 1964 predictions about 2014

Room 8 – short film [6:21]

A night inside an AC-130 gunship [9:11]

Cannon loading in the 18th century [6:34]

Can Texas secede from the Union? [3:31] – CGP Grey animation

How tennis balls are made [3:29]

The ultimate steak sandwich [6:12] – Gordon Ramsey


Rampicante [4:27]

Balance [7:31] – Fave


African beat [2:58]

Sprinkler harp [1:02]

Moonlight Sonata meets metal [5:07]


Selfies at the game [0:23]

Pushing a car the hard way [0:45]

Trombone motorcycle [0:14]

* Jiffs *


Trends from the the GABF

We now have over 4,000 breweries in the U.S.

We thought we’d never make it again – Bourbon County Stout [5:04]


Snowmobile on water world record [6:05]

How to drift – Ken Block [7:23]

Larry Bird – the greatest ever [14:58]

Shifter [9:45] – sci-fi short

ACR assault rifle [3:08] – FPSRussia

FCC pre-fight anticipation [3:50]

1971 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi [8:41] – Muscle Car of the Week

Shocking boxing moments [16:18]

Fireforce 3 jet car [3:15]

Noveske rifle [2:15]

Boston – More Than a Feeling [3:22]

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Frankly speaking

It’s kinda mopey around here with the cooler weather and all the clouds overhead. There’s certainly a chill in the house. The furnace has been throttled back by the “House Commandante” until the furnace guys can come out to give it a PM. All the sweatshirts and hoodies I may need are now close at hand. Next step will be to have truck fluids checked and topped off. An oil change is coming due soon.

With all the pictures that are shown on SPT, I’m looking for a way to have them “ghost numbered” if that’s the correct term. While scrolling through a batch of images, each one would have its appropriate number in sequence as you go down. If you decide to save the image to your desktop or download it, the number would not be present on the image. It’d be a feature on the site. This would make it easier for all of us especially if there’s an image in a series that either stands out, or has an error. I don’t want to put a number in a caption; too much work. I’m on this.

The Weekly Pinup babe is in a state of flux, trying to find a happy medium between artwork, old vintage pics and vintage celebs. I’ll get an idea by how the ratings go from week to week. Right now I find it to be fun challenge in finding the perfect Pinup Babe of the Week that would suit the masses.

A friendly reminder: you can email me and get a genuine SixPackTech sticker for free. Just include your snailmail address and I’ll send you some. Also commenting on posts here at SPT is open to anyone. Much of the comment spam is caught in a net that’s been set but your comment will come through. You don’t even have to use your real name. But any user named Frank who comments will get an SPT sticker. See paragraph’s second sentence above. Commenters named Barbi, Roxy, Tits McGee, Phil McCracken or Heywood Jablome will be deleted.

Thanks for stopping by when you can.

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Blue Collar Brew Review – Founders ReDANKulous Imperial Red IPA

Founders-Brewing-Logo-960x707I was down the road in Minooka checking in on Route 6 Liquors for new arrivals. The nice lady behind the counter quickly walked to the back and came out with a bottle of a new beer from Founders. I hadn’t heard of it. It was their ReDANKulous Imperial Red IPA.

Dank bottleI certainly could do an IPA this weekend but this one came with a caveat and it was right in its name, DANK. I think it was the last homebrew club meeting, someone brought a bomber of an IPA to be passed around. The comments mumbled from all those who sampled included the word “dank.” I remember when I took a sip, it immediately reminded me of a cold wet crawlspace in an old wooden house. “Dank” was the perfect word to describe the flavor. There was something earthy about it.

Trying this new beer based on my previous experience would be… well, another experience in dankness. I bought a bottle and went my merry way.

ReDANKulous is a part of Founders’ Backstage Series and was this year’s August release. Like many other imperial IPAs, Redank weighs in at 9.5% alcohol and they have printed on the label that it has 90 IBUs. Only on Founders’ website does it give any inkling as to what kind of hops are used in this beer, Incidentally, the label image was created in crushed hop pellets.

What makes a beer dank? This beer abounds with Chinook, Mosaic and Simcoe hops. With exception of Citra (tropical fruit,) the other two are all grassy, and piney with grapefruit along the sides. All are quite high in alpha acids. An odd and bitter mixture to be sure.

It was time to get wet and dank. Let’s get going.

Dank foamThe glass filled with a red-orange liquid bringing up a large off-white foamy head. The beer was crystal clear with tiny micro-bubbles of carbonation. The aroma was of sweet hoppiness. Where was the dank? I could hardly wait to find out.

The first sip contained a nice medium to big body with some slight sweetness at the front. The swallow was another thing. A massive wallop of bitterness that stayed on a while after the sip was gone. This was the oddest DIPA I’ve tasted. It was as if it wanted to like me but kept baring its teeth every time I approached. It was a smack to the throat.

There was somewhat of a balance between the malts and the hops but the hops were just nuts. It was a balance but not a pleasant one. It wasn’t hops for hops’ sake, but rather an almost-blend of familiar hops but with that one oddball thrown in. I recognized some familiar hop flavors then after another sip I got confused wondering how the hell did they do that.

This Redank beer is sort of an imperial red ale on hop-roids or a DIPA on Mars dirt. I’ve had a dank IPA before and this one approaches dankness quite well. But the odd flavors yielded by the blend of hops the brewers used almost defies description. The dankness experienced comes from the hops and not some mystery flavoring from a plastic vial.

Redank is not as brutal as Green Flash’s Palate Wrecker. This one has a bit of flair. And it’s not as tasty as their own Devil Dancer. The beer does live up to all that the brewery says about it. It’s true to style and the redness of the liquid gives you something to stare at as your throat recovers from the rasp train that just passed by.

Dank glass

ReDANKulous is a great beer for hop heads and those who want their taste buds exercised. It’s well made carefully thought out. But I’d say it’s not for everyone. If you’re feeling daring, get yourself a 750 and try it. Any other beer you may try after this one may taste like carbonated water.

backstage_labelThe SixPackTech summary for Founder ReDANKulous Imperial Red IPA

Style: Double/Imperial IPA
Taste: A bit of sweet and a bushel full of bitter.
Smoothness: The smooth lasts in the millisecond range.
Drinkability: Slow and easy. Get up courage for each successive sip.
Bang for the buck: Adequately priced for the taste experience received.
Amount paid: $9.99 per 750ml bottle.
Get it again? Probably not.
ABV: 9.5%
Brewer’s website
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: (Sniff) Grapefruit. (sip) Oh that’s a lot of grapefruit. (sip) Always so citrusy. (sip) Although it’s not as bitter as I would have thought. (Now that’s surprising.)

The making of the ReDANKulous label [0:56]



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Long Saturday

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 9.11.51 PM

Young engineering students build robots to compete against other students’ robots.


Vimeo link.

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Photoshop Phonies

You won’t believe your eyes and you shouldn’t. The images were enhanced without the use of silicone, yet they are still fake. Phonies. That’s why they’re called that.


Hit it.

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Ending the week the way it was started, with briefs and shorts. But more of ’em.

The Abbott

Patagonian ash cloud

Cliff diving in Alaska

Matador spins

Truck jumps racer

Tactical Velcro opening – Fave

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Guys install a 2-stroke V8 engine in a Volvo Amazon. It even sounds like a 2-stroke.

You may have seen their earlier video.

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Underwater rugby

Interesting sport requiring plenty of stamina. But where are the refs and how do they blow their whistles?

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Resurrected DeLorean

An old Delorean is outfitted for racing and is currently in test or prototype mode. It still retains its stock engine but is fitted with Weber carbs and race exhaust producing around 210 hp. Maybe they’ll shove a small block Chevy in there soon.

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A tribute to the Bond films

Guy creates a video with an Aston Martin on a mission.

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African Matrix

This film trailer from Ghana boggles the mind.

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Apple in contradiction

Contradiction perhaps. Maybe just a change in leadership. Good insight however.

And there’s this news:

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Here they come, and here they come again. And again.


Hit it.

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Hovercraft racing

National Hovercraft Race in Towcester, a town in Northamptonshire, England.

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Coffee on the ISS

Advances in the understanding of how fluids behave in low gravity is key to spacecraft operations. A long-awaited spin-off is an excellent cup of coffee in space.

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Slo-mo Jelly (Jello) tennis

The Slow MO Guys take a few swats at flavored gelatin with a tennis racket.


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