The loopers are back again. They just don’t know when to stop.


Hit it.

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Turbo Diesel S10

Guys jammed a Cummins Diesel into a Chevy S10 truck and are now turn 9s in the quarter. Regardless of how fast the truck is, it still stinks.

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Johnny Dronehunter: Defender of Privacy

Every man’s hero. Featuring the SilencerCo Salvo 12 – the first commercially-viable shotgun suppressor ever made.

More info.

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Car parts Rube Goldberg machine

Honda has nothing on these guys.

Honda’s machine from 2003:

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Adventures with Bill

Red Green and two friends decide to have a cookout.

[stop at 2:39]

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108-Year-Old GN Jap

Meet Richard Scaldwell, who runs a stunning 1908 GN Jap. Richard will take his wild ride to the SF Edge trophy at the 74th Member’s Meeting.

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Starting a 1910 water pump engine

This engine in still being used to pump water out of the lower land in the north of Holland. It is the”Beetskoog gemaal” and it stands in the small town of Oudendijk and dates back to 1877.

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First Boeing B767 prototype scrapped

Apparently it just wasn’t good enough.

(DailyMotion embed)

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Humpday Heinies

Babes with beautiful behinds return this week for us to check them out for another rear view. There will be no disappointment.


View image set.

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World record Porsche

Stock Porsche with a stock engine but with nitrous, hooked up to racing tires flies down the quarter mile.

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Flyboard babe

The Flyboard World Champion in the ladies division at the 2015 XDubai Flyboard World Cup was New Zealand’s Gemma Weston.

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Aviation PhotoCrew aerial showreel

The Aviation PhotoCrew is a team of 8 people, apart from being aviation lovers and photographers to the bone, each is specialized in a different part of this beautiful hobby.

Jet plane eye candy.

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Best BBQ pitmasters of the south

Learn what real Southern barbecue is, what it means to be a pitmaster, why they do what they do and how they make their BBQ taste so good.


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Russian ATV

Tonka toys for adults.

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Mine escape

Filmed with a GoPro Session and built with Lionel O-27 track, this is our first roller coaster POV recorded in real time without the use of stop motion animation.

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Testing the real life hoverboard

Dumitru Popescu, ARCA CEO, tests the ArcaBoard personal flying machine for production that is scheduled April 14th. The new production price is $14,900.

Get yours now.

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