It’s Sunday and spring has gone missing for the first day in May. We’re back down in the 40s at night and middle 50s during the day. The Cubs are considering Carhartt uniforms. Whatever flowers came up last week are now chattering their pistils and stamens together. So we stay inside once again either watching a ballgame or pounding on the computer keyboard. Like what’s below. No pounding, just clicking.

Nature in motion [1:43]

Why 765 [2:08]

How to move to Canada (if Trump wins) [7:15]

The Rainbow Sheikh: world’s most bizarre auto collection [10:18]

The Turing Test explained [4:42] – animation

1951 Kaiser Drag’n [15:53] – Jay Leno’s Garage

Restoring an Apple IIc [8:00]

Ice-World ice hockey rink setup [5:47] – time lapse

Largest K’NEX ball contraption [4:33]

How to land an F-16 fighter jet [6:29]


Mr. Hublot [11:02] – freebooted video

The Backwater Gospel [9:32] – Fave


508 Alpenhorns [2:01]

Crosby, Stills and Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes [9:40]

Country Joe at Woodstock [2:52]


Woman – BMW – Reverse [0:30]

Detroit hotel implosion [0:58] – lot of good those misters are doing

12 shots in under 3 seconds [0:25] – Fave


At Sam Adams, it’s okay to tell your boss ‘f— you’ [1:29]

Craft brewers won’t play by the Reinheitsgebot

Dark Lord Day was yesterday [2:32] – vid from 2 years ago

* Jiffs *


DiResta big ass knife [9:26]

.223 vs. .308 [8:28]

Sports most outrageous commentators call the plays [4:02]

Donnie Yen fight scene [3:48]

Trucks hauling huge loads [6:09] – video title is misleading

1973 Pontiac Trans Am SD-455 [8:19] – Muscle Car of the Week

Best boxing KOs of 2015 [11:42]

Swamp buggy racing [11:5o]

Superformance 1965 Shelby Daytona Coupe [16:41]

Tennis practice [2:00]

Rolling Stones – Paint it Black [4:37]

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Frankly speaking

Sorry folks, but the Brew Review became overrun by family members consuming beers and wielding conversation to no end. I had made the trip to Binny’s and purchased a worthy contender in the rain. It will be saved for another week.

At first, #2 son with his wife and offspring came by to look at wedding pics that we had received and also to discuss a potential new car purchase. He had brought over some 3Floyds beers and soon the conversation switched to other subjects that I thought would never come up. I refrained from his offer of barley beverages and decided to wait until they had gone home. It got later and later and they finally left.

But soon after that exodus the Dark Lord Day boys arrived at the door with their tales of deathly black stouts, variants, rain and characters from the midwest craft beer crowd. In that state of mind, they all talked over each other and it was hard to understand anything amid the din of words. The wife went through her routine of scolding them for drinking and then offered food and a bed to sleep. Only one took her up on the offer.

Dark Lord Day was another miserable weather day down in Munster, India with rain falling the entire time they were there. I decided to forgo the experience due to the aging process which has settled in my body. And, I hardly ever have a taste for thick, black Russian imperial stouts anymore. I have three years worth of DLs and others in storage and no one to share them with.

I’m thinking of making Faves a daily feature. I enjoy watching videos from past posts as I’m sure you do. So we’ll ratchet up a notch and post nine daily posts instead of eight. Also, and this may come to be if I remember, we should feature some babe model as our Humpday Honey once per month.

Then we’ll build roads. And bridges. And skyscrapers.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Shaolin Kung Fu

Long Saturday

Hollywood actor Jason Scott Lee has been a student of Bruce Lee’s martial art Jeet Kune Do for 20 years and in Secrets Of Shaolin he fulfils his lifelong dream of joining the institution that invented kung fu – Shaolin Temple. In an intense two-week kung fu boot camp, Jason will not only discover Shaolin’s centuries old secrets of turning the human body into the ultimate weapon, but also experience the spiritual effects of it’s Zen Buddhist practices.


YouTube link.

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Photoshop Phonies

It’s Friday and they’re here again. No need to decide Nat or Not… they’re all fake.


Hit it.

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They’re quick. Like a bunny. It’s been years since you last heard that phrase, I bet.

Vertical jump – momentary levtation

Building sheds its skin

Thirsty fish

2001: A Space Odyssey – Siri Edition

Steam train drone video

Indian Peugeot ad – Fave

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Small cars with bike engines

With a little expertise, you could easily give a small car some breakneck speed with a powerful motorcycle engine.

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Homemade hoverbike

Mad scientist Colin Furze describes his contraption: “What a creation, it’s an unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually flies.”

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Husqvarna limbing race

Any task can be turned into a contest or race. Here the contestants lop limbs off of simulated trees.

The engine sounds reminded me of this excited kid: (Fave)

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Ghost Tits – Fave

A trailer for the psychological thriller “Ghost Tits” — the story of a man whose life is turned upside down when his girlfriend’s breasts suddenly disappear.

Looks like Olivia Munn was perfectly happy with her body when she appeared in this.

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Crashes on the dirt track

At the speed that they are going, you wouldn’t think crashes could be so spectacular.

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Cliff diving Victoria Falls

Cliff Divers Orlando Duque and Jonathan Paredes went in search of a challenge – and found it at Victoria Falls (Southern Africa), one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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Fiberglass body armor?

Taofledermaus tests some level I fiberglass ballistic paneling. This is normally used for protecting judges and fortifying safe-rooms- protecting families from tornadoes etc. but really isn’t used as actual body armor.


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Jiffs are not Skippy, but they could be considered to be. Especially when they ‘skip’ and start over. Pfft! More beer.


Hit it.

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Kawasaki H2R vs. McLaren, Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT R

The bike races each one in turn. Damn good results.

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Ambulance rollover crash test

Braun Industries teamed up with CAPE Testing to conduct the Fire/EMS industry’s first rollover ambulance crash test. They crashed a 10 year old unit in a test which focused on the modular body and roll impact loading, or how well the box holds up in the event of a rollover.

Complete with a crash test dummy on a gurney. However, no crash test EMTs were found. All people involved in the video were each billed for $1500 for ambulance service. Pfft!

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2016 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet build time lapse

The 2016 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet gets built piece-by-piece. I think this is a Ford sponsored specialty team and the car is either for display or for racing.

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