j012 JiffsThursday is Jiff day and they’re hidden below. That’s because they keep repeating themselves over and over and there’s no stop button.

Hit it.

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Lamborghini Huracan on the dyno

A Lamborghini Huracan on the dyno at JF Automotive, that Oakley Design were running – pre modification.

Video does not show any run results. Foo.

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One-shot drill

The TeamZero guy tries to get a shot off in less than one second while wearing a gas mask. He shoots at a vertical standing pipe. Hard to understand him in that mask. Amazing accuracy.

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Race the tube

Guy on a subway car gets off and races it above ground to the next station.

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The young boss

Red Green offers advice on what to do when your boss is younger than you.

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Howling coyotes

Guy sits in a forest wth his gun in his lap. He tries to lure coyotes to his vicinity with a few calls. I don’t know if this is normal or a fluke, but it’s damn bizarre. May be a fake.

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Cup holder prototype

Quick film demonstrating basic spill-preventing functions that occur during driving with a Maksimatic Cup Holder prototype.

There’ll be a Kickstarter set up for this one for sure.

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Russian missile launches

Checking the readiness of the Eastern Military District. Missile launches to the Pacific Fleet. September 16, 2014

(translated from Russian.)

Missiles are launched at a derelict warship for a test.

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Humpday Heinies

h01 Humpday HeiniesToday we revisit one of our favorite subjects, ladies’ bottoms. If you’re out somewhere and miss an opportunity to view a lovely one from the front, the aft view is just as great. An extra bonus is the special built-in geometry which causes a unique sway, loved by all men regardless of age. Our gallery depicts some of the best and most pleasing Heinies.
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NHRA ProStock race crash

Pro Stock driver V Gaines, was involved in this high-speed racing incident during the first round of eliminations Sunday at the Pep Boys NHRA Carolina Nationals at zMAX Dragway. Gaines’ Dodge Dart went out of control and crashed near the finish line. Gaines, who exited the car under his own power, was examined and released at the scene by emergency services officials.

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Orange County Muffler

A couple of ads for a local muffler shop in Costa Mesa, California.

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Reconstructed roast

We know how it is with steak. Everybody has fierce opinions about where to buy it, how to order it, and the best ways to prepare it at home. So while we’re usually on the side of trying new things, we’re not just going to propose any novel preparation and call it a total game changer.

Thrombian, or transglutaminase is an enzyme that helps hold meat together. Approved for use in Europe. Here… I’m not so sure.

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Syringe gun

Likeable Jorg Sprave builds a slingshot gun that shoots syringes. Hah-ah-ah.

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Electric arc furnace

An 80 MW furnace turns the iron into liquid. In Russia.

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Utah names

An example of the names that Utah parents give their daughters. Pfft!

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Old lady with gas

image Old lady with gasAn elderly woman goes to the doctor’s office and during the examination she says, “Doctor, I’ve got a problem that I am deeply concerned about. I keep farting all the time. They don’t smell or make a sound but I am constantly farting. In fact I’ve farted 15 times since you’ve stepped in the room to exam me, I’m very worried that there is something wrong with me.”

The doctor writes her a prescription and says, “Take 2 of these each day and see me in a week.”

The woman comes back in a week and says, “These pills aren’t helping, in fact I’m even worse, I’m still farting all the time, they still don’t make any noise, but now they smell horrible.”

The doctor says, “Good, we’ve cleared up your sinuses, now let’s work on your hearing.”

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