Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and the data scandal

In the past few days, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spent hours in US Congress testifying and answering lawmakers’ questions. Zuckerberg’s performance was contrite and apologetic. The allegation is that Facebook has inadequate privacy policies and does not do enough to prevent misuse of the platform, be it in the form of data breaches as in the case of Cambridge Analytica or fake news and hate speech. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised to take action. But this is not the first time the social network, led by Zuckerberg, has had to make these types of promises.


Video link.

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Photoshop Phonies

They’re real in one eye and fake in the other eye. Or is that fake in one eye and phony in the other?! You decide.

Hit it.

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Adding up the total time for these videos is still not a lot of time. You can watch them all and still have time for a beer snackie-poo.

SUV crashes into house. House explodes.

Tumbleweeds invade California town (the trouble with tribbles)

Why construction takes so long

Instant justice

Fancy driving

No full auto in buildings

This Volkswagen is quiet – fave

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Building demolition compilation


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Recording a paintball battle

Guy flies a camera drone with surgical precision showing the action on the battlefield.

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Jetlev R200 – fave

This was state of the art before Zapata came out with his Flyboard.

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Crushing a car with water

Richard Hammond finds out what happens when you drop a year’s worth of rain on a car in one go.

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The Ballsack Ninja

After plunging from 4000 feet in the air, Chutney and Red must continue their journey on foot. They make their way through the dark forest path but the pungent, sweaty stench of death fills the air. A deadly assassin lies await…the Ballsack Ninja.

A cartoon for the twelve-year-old in each of us.

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Picking 10 MasterLocks in about 2 minutes

A locksmith by the name of Bosnian Bill shows how easy it is to pick MasterLocks.


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Robots assemble an Ikea chair

Interesting to watch but it’s no big deal. The bots’ programming has already figured out the instructions. I propose a race between bots and humans. Wait. Make that bots and millennials. Pfft!

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JIffs are small fat bugs similar to those potato bugs or pill bugs or sow bugs or roly poly bugs as many people call them. Actually, the resemblance of a Jiff to a pill bug is the same as the resemblance of a Jiff to a peanut butter of the same name. Our Jiffs won’t stick to the roof of your mouth.

Hit it.

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F/A-18F Carrier Break

Carrier Break: A type of left hand overhead performed at 800ft AGL and 350+kts (for hornet guys.) Bringing a section of fighters back to the boat at 500′ and 480 Knots.

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Explosive decompression of a jet plane – Mythbusters

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage shoot a bullet hole into the shell of a DC9 to see if that single shot will cause explosive decompression, destroying the aircraft.

Relevant to the news of late.


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Building a Chevy Tahoe Patrol Car

All patrol car builds for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office in Auburn, CA, are done at our headquarters in Auburn by our Fleet Services Unit. These builds start with patrol car graphics (which we create ourselves with a high tech printer) and include the installation of push-bumpers, mobile computer terminals, digital radio systems and in-car cameras. This allows for a high level of quality control, consistent layouts, and cost savings. A typical build is approximately four days. The vehicle here is a Chevrolet Tahoe with the police package.

[5:13] – time lapse

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Red Green embraces the Internet.

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Jet Ski in a narrow canyon – fave

Guy takes a scenic ride through a canyon on water that’s like glass.

(Mountain Sheep Canyon, Lake Powell, Colorado River, July 2014)

Does a trick on the eyes, eh?!

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