Black Friday

It was a Thanksgiving for the ages. My son obtained a 38 lb. turkey and donated it to the family cause. My wife and I had to cut the fowl in half in order to get it to fit on the grill. Cutting through bones with ’70s style Ginsu knives just doesn’t hack it anymore. We hacked and sawed for about 45 mins before we finally cleaved the carcass in two.

Carving the cooked bird was another thing. I tried my hand at it and then my son had a whack at it. We had many problems with big bones and large slabs of meat. It was much harder than we thought. With hands covered in cooked bird juices we did our best. Each drumstick could chock a car tire They were caveman drumsticks. You could probably make 4 turkey sandwiches from one leg.

IMG_4280CustobizWhile we ate off the one half, the other raw half was chucked back into the restoked grill. By the end of the night, the fridge was full and so were our bellies.

After the feast it became Belgian night with samples of St. Bernardus Abt 12, Chimay Blue and Three Philosophers being poured and passed. Along with a bomber of Dark Lord 2014.

I sincerely wish the best to all of you for this official start of the holiday season. I’m thankful for my family, great craft beer and all you readers who stop by this site. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

WKRP’s turkey drop [4:49]

Black Friday in Japan [1:19] – time lapse

Mad Max battles Black Friday [1:25]

Canadian perspective [0:09]


Photoshop Phonies

EyeVision [7:47]

Mustang watch [1:37]

Freestyle indoor skydiving [1:05]

Faceshift demo [3:34] – Apple just bought this company

Seismic bed protection [2:00]

Urban surfing [0:52]

Denise Milani in the pool [0:59]

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Happy Thanksgiving

joy-of-tech-klingon-turkeysThe rest of the week will be quite busy here at SPT headquarters. For the holiday today, the family will be visiting (there are 12 of us) all consuming massive amounts of dead fowl and other traditional comestibles for pretty much the whole day. Plenty of homebrew will be consumed as well as a sampling or two of some special cellared beers from over the years.

On Saturday, my sister and her husband will be driving up from St. Louis for a long awaited visit. My family members that aren’t working will be coming as well. More dead fowl and comestibles. More malted barley beverages. It will get loud and boisterous. It will be fun.

For today, there are links à la Slinks style for before or after the tryptophan kicks in. Friday will be the same. I’ll take Saturday off completely to spend the entire time with the St. Louis folks. Hope you don’t mind.

* Jiffs *

The turkey whisperer [0:54]

Turkey trot [0:15]

A traditional American Thanksgiving [9:13]

Red Green’s Macrowave [4:01]


Smokestack demolition gone wrong [1:41]

US military’s largest helicopter [11:41]

1000 watt LED flashlight [5:30]

Union Pistol with horseshoe magazine [7:41]

“The Beast” Tomislav Spahovic MMA highlights [5:39]

Drag racing big rigs [10:52] – Fave

Ana Cheri photoshoot [1:42]

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Humpday Honeys – Buxom Babes

Ah, the view from the front. If the ladies have it, they flaunt it. When we see it, we love it. They choose their fashions accordingly.


View image set.

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Historic rocket landing

Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space, reaching its planned test altitude of 329,839 feet (100.5 kilometers) before executing a historic landing back at the launch site in West Texas.

Figures shown in the capsule are animated.

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Wizard Cops

Cops with a little Harry Potter thrown in.

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Thermite Gummy bear

A 5-pound green apple gummy bear vs. 5 pounds of thermite. At least it’s not someone shooting a computer or smartphone with a rifle.

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Logs to Lumber

An aerial journey through a sawmill.


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Little boat – big motor

Guy should put a windshield in the bow of this boat. It’s like the Little Red Wagon on water. (From 2007.)

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Fog landings

Heathrow Airport, UK.

Monday morning at 8am, jet aircraft produce amazing contrails or vortices during auto land on 02/11/2015. Visibility fell to just 150m at Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick and Doncaster Sheffield.

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SixPack Pics

The package arrived and it felt warm. It also smelled like an old shoe. It was sent from Scholsberg, Illinois.


Hit it.

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Best drag races

1320video looks back at the best races in their 13-year history.


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Runaway anchor

Another case of no preventive maintenance program in place. Or just old machinery.

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Without a parachute

Antti Pendikainen jumps out from hot air balloon without parachute. Extremely risky.

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120mph crash – Fave

The world’s fastest ever crash test. Just how big are the forces involved and how much of a family car is left after it crashes at a speed in excess of 100mph.


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Scenes from the 2014 Cameron Airshow in Cameron, MO. All the planes put on a smoke show as well.


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Kayaking down a slope

Hidden rocks and tree stumps could be very dangerous.

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