Humpday Honeys – See-thru

H01 Humpday Honeys   See thruThe sheer garments that the ladies sometimes wear, provide us with a good idea of what’s underneath without revealing all the details. The ladies use sheer to their great advantage. It draws our attention and we can’t seem to avert our eyes. But they know that. That’s why they wear these garments. The Honeys are next, all showing various states of translucency.

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Fun on a frozen lake

Polaris RZR and Suzuki GSX-R, both with spiked tires.

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Bar down goals

It’s a great sound when the puck hits the bar on the goal.

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Trucking a dead whale

A bit more difficult than dynamite, but the cleanup is easier.

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Fried baloney sandwich

This is the redneck version of the quick and dirty sandwich, guaranteed to lodge right in the aorta.


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Jujitsu vs. Aikido

Some nice moves. The Aikido guy is wearing the black pants. OK, trousers.

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Virtual windshield

Jaguar Land Rover is developing the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen which allows drivers to get a complete, unhindered view of the road. Watch the video to see the transparent pillars, heads-up display and ‘Follow Me’ Ghost Car Navigation.

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Robot swarm

A thousand-robot swarm created by Harvard researchers can self-assemble into different shapes.

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SixPack Pics

p012 SixPack PicsThe pics came in a white envelope along side all the other crap-mail for credit cards and catalogs. After opening, the images fell out all hinged together, like Grandma’s wallet photos. These came from Accordious, Illinois.

Hit it.

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VW Golf GTI Roadster

VW’s attempt at a roadster body. More than likely it’s a concept. I pity the guy in the blue t-shirt at the right.

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Meanwhile 3

Silly Pythonesque sketch about alternate universes.

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House grinder

Looks like one of those asphalt chewing machines was adapted for this job.

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Beer in the fridge – Fave

Lionel Richie serves up a cold one.

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Chekhov’s Gun

A parody of the Antiques Roadshow program shows some interesting gun handling.

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144-car ferry construction

This video captures construction of Washington’s newest Olympic Class ferry, 144-car Tokitae, from the start of construction through summer 2013.


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Another look at Aero Glass

Cameron Clarke from Aero Glass discusses how their revolutionary augmented reality aerial navigation solution meets the needs of pilots.

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