SixPack Pics

The package was a bit brittle and looked as if it had been through some extremes. It was sent from the southernmost tip of the state, Antarcton, Illinois.

Hit it.

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Mud racing

The Open Bog class at Mud Down in T-Town was a gathering of THE BADDEST mud racers in the country. With most of the rigs making over 2000HP, this was one of the best mud races in recent memory!


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Cast iron frying pan as shotgun target

Gregg brought out some frying pans since he noticed a few viewers requested us to shoot those. We shot two slugs at the pan to see if they were bulletproof.


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Old farmer’s trick

Easy way to remove a rock stuck between the rear wheels of a dually truck.

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Double faves

Kevin Garnett advises Craig Sager on his clothes

Zoochosis: Bears

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2017 Chevy Colorado crash tests

The IIHS puts two Colorados to death. Both were GOOD crashes.

Small overlap

Side t-bone

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True facts about the owl

Ze Frank returns to school us on owls, raptors who eat their prey whole.




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Hoverbike Kalashnikov

I assume this is a new Russian version of a hoverbike. Not one AK-47 to be seen. Maybe that’s coming soon.

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1965 Mustang Fastback

The relationship Addison has with his 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback is quite special, as it’s been his car since he was a teenager. Just about the only thing on the car that was complete when he bought the car? The Shelby GT 350 look-alike paint, so Addison decided to get some mileage out of that improvement and just hasn’t gotten around to changing it.

His father, Don, helped him put the car together to go to school in, and it’s been in the family ever since. Addison’s Mustang has influenced his career, too: he’s currently a competitor in the SCCA Spec Mustang series. “Cost us a lot of tires, a lot of brake pads,” his father says, “but I know it was the foundation for him being a very accomplished race driver.”

Though Addison’s car is not a Shelby GT 350, it’s been treated to a number of serious performance upgrades, including a 347 stroker with “about 430 horsepower and the same amount of torque,” he says. His racing experience means the car’s suspension and brakes have also been overhauled, so that it handles “a lot better”.


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Starting off the week with some fresh, clean, shorts and briefs.

Face dance

Two fake umpires at the Toronto game

Russian flatbed trailer with a tire problem

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GTR gains world record

Extreme Turbo Systems sponsored this Nissan GTR in its attempts to hit less than 7 seconds in the quarter mile.

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Making a Robotic Loop

Finishing this may have taken me a little (4 MONTHS!*@!#) longer than I wanted. But here it is!

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Horrific looking crash

Todd Hazelwood escapes unharmed from a frightening collision involving Jonathon Webb during ARMOR ALL Race for the Grid 1 at the 2017 Wilson Security Sandown 500, part of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.

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Telling time in Italy – fave

Takes no effort at all.

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Monday 3:00 PM

Mondays are the days when most everything can go wrong.

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Ballet rotoscope

Various moves are outlined as they happen.

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