Humpday Honeys – Bottoms Up

We return with more images of beautiful ladies juxtapositioned in such a way as to have their rearwards portions at a higher elevation than the rest of the body. The view from the front is wonderful. The view from the back must be spectacular.


Read more.

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Another look at Ripsaw

Milking their publicity for all its worth, Howe & Howe came out with another video on their tracked vehicle after their cameos in the new Mad Max movie.

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Fun with a Tesla coil

Mehdi Sadaghdar returns with more insight into his homemade spark machine.


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Lexan bullets…

… being tested fired at a sheet of Lexan. The rounds are made out of polycarbonate which is a material used for safety glasses, safety guards, etc.

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Funnel cakes

Garage cookin’ with the good ol’ boy from BolognaRingRanch. A county fair favorite cooked up in the garage.

YouTube link. Embedding disabled for whatever reason.

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State of Origin Rugby to begin

Old school rugby played by old school rules. First game is today, May 27th, in Sydney, Australia. More info.

Hype up video

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Scuttling of the HCMS Annapolis

Scuttling of the decommissioned Canadian Navy Destroyer HMCS Annapolis on April 4, 2015 in Halkett Bay Marine Park on Gambier Island, British Columbia, Canada. After years of preparation and cleaning and with help of shape charges the decommissioned vessel embarked on its final voyage to the bottom of Halkett Bay to become an artificial reef.

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Women’s underwear

An out-of-the-loop guy has his opinion on scanty ladies’ underwear.

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SixPack Pics

The package arrived and when opened, a bit of sand poured out with the images. These were sent from Sunova Beach, Illinois.


Hit it.

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Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights

Another hit from BadLipReading.


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Double barreled 1911s

Jerry Miculek fires two .45 ACP 1911 double barreled pistols at the same time.


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Truck boarding

Pickup truck traverses some wooden planks to get on board a ship.

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Ring full of chairs – Fave

“Give me a chair!”

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The elegant gentleman’s guide to knife fighting

The title is way off the mark. What’s shown are some classic artworks animated ala Monty Python.

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The crafty slide

5/22/15: Mike Trout is nabbed after making a crafty slide into third… or is he?

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Hoverboard record

Catalin Alexandru Duru becomes the first person ever to break the Guinness World Records Title for the Farthest journey by hoverboard.

You won’t see this at the Grand Canyon anytime in the near or far future.

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