Photoshop Phonies

ps014 Photoshop PhoniesIt’s Friday. Happy Halloween. The little beggars will be coming just after supper. Have your candy ready. Don’t have candy? Fill a fishbowl with pennies for the kids to grab a handful. It’s Friday. We’d like to get the day over with.

Phonies are next.

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Stones 350x232 QuickiesSome Halloween shorties just in case you’re not yet in the mood.

Quick ones under here.

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1001 cu. in. engine dyno

World’s biggest V8 street engine, 1001 cu in. At load. 1600 hp on pump gas.

Could have had a steadier camera mount.

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Heavy weapons in slo-mo

At Ft. Bragg with the Green Berets.

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More Medieval Land Fun Time World

Great additional stuff from Bad Lip Reading.

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Badass toro

El Ratonero (The Buzzard) terrorizes the bull ring and those who came to taunt him.

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Trick-or-Treat attack ad

New England comedian Juston McKinney has something to tell all the trick-or-treaters before they choose a house to trick this year.

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New level of sign spinning

Guy combines acrobatics and break dancing to get passersby attention. Nice job. But what does the sign say?

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j014 JiffsThey’re here again. You know what I’m talking about. The title says it all. Don’t spend too much time down there.

Hit it.

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Speed comparison

Another dissimilar car race where the starts are staggered to allow all 3 cars to cross the finish line at approximately the same time. Mercedes SSL AMG vs. V8 Supercar vs. Formula 1.

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Blue Angels POV

Precision flying with bad music. Turn it down or off to suit.

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AeroMobil 3.0

Another attempt at building a flying car. This one looks radical, looks like it works, but will get stuck in traffic trying to get to airport.

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Red Green comments on technology. A bit dated but still worth a chuckle.

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Morning rush hour at London Bridge

Interesting timelapse of the commuter trains traveling both ways.

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The Steinborn Squat

Born out the need (or lack) of a squat rack.


More about it here.

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Nanoprotech home electric allows you to protect your electric tools from damage caused by water and humidity. Electric appliances applied with Nanoprotech will be securely protected from short circuit. Nanoprotech was developed not for protection of people from electric shock but for efficient protection of electric tools from breakage caused by short circuit, soaking, freezing, corrosion, etc.

Russian narration.

Another video here.

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