Honey Hole auto graveyard

I found this place today. Another “Hot Rod Heaven”. Everything needs lots of work, but that is what it’s all about.

Wandering around some guy’s back yard. Amazing.


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A new week with new shorts an briefs. Do you wear shorts or briefs ? Vote in the new poll in the right sidebar.

When showboating backfires

Tesla Model S roof crush test

Shifting into reverse at 40mph

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Bugzilla loses it in the end

A very horrible wreck for the blown Bugzilla beetle, ending in an explosion and flames.

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Dyno failures

On the dyno, the weakest links are tested, whether they are in the car’s engine or the dyno itself.

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Golfers – fave

Pissing off the ball collector is the highlight of the day.

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Von Flue Choke

Chad George vs. Mark Vorgeas. Vorgeas has to argue with the ref that the other guy is unconscious.

Von Flue choke?

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Magnetic antigravity paths

A coin made of highly conductive metals, such as aluminum or copper, easily runs from left to right in the magnetic matrix, but going from the top down is suppressed due to the eddy current.

Coins? This must be witchdoctor voodoo sorcery shit.

Read video description for some insight.

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Bullet-proof origami

BYU mechanical engineers have created an origami-inspired, lightweight bulletproof shield that can protect law enforcement from gunfire. The new ballistic barrier can be folded compactly when not in use, making it easier to transport and deploy. When expanded — which takes only five seconds — it can provide cover for officers and stop bullets from several types of handguns.

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Universal self defense tools

Phuc Long provides a new course of action for dealing with booty infiltrating assailants. Try to follow along.

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We are experiencing a bout of unseasonably warm weather here in Flatland and there’s not one single complaint about it for as far as the eye can see. The sun is out, the Harleys have reappeared and some convertibles are topless. It’ll probably stay like this until the end of the week. Perfect weather for a baseball game. But no. Football? Nope. Soccer? Check the cable channels. If that doesn’t work, just click the Slinks below.

Nice Pics

The President’s transport system [12:02]

Driving the same car for 53 years [4:41]

Touring Nick Offerman’s woodshop [7:59]

Handmade scissors [4:40]

The world is running out of sand [3:21]

Mercedes Maybach G 650 Landaulet

Choosing a high security lock [14:38]

LGM-30 Minuteman launch [5:43]

Flying tires [10:45]


Analogue Loaders [2:03]

Less Than Human [6:09]


Hillbilly Heaven [1:18]

Phat Bollard – Millionaires [5:03]

Randy Newman – Short People [5:26]


Bored at work [0:39]

“I’m fine” [0:15]

I finally made it to New York City [0:06]


Brewers are abandoning bombers

Walmart is being sued for inventing a fake craft brewery

Can a new CEO save Boston Beer?

* Jiffs *


Captain America fight moves [12:11]

Small tire racing action [7:41] – eighth mile

Homemade cannon shooting [9:34]

Push stick saw [6:01]

Ricochet a ricochet? [9:20]

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 427 4-Speed R-Code [5:06] – Muscle Car of the Week

Disqualifications in MMA [8:08]

Big football hits [4:13]

10 big explosions [3:54]

Salma Hayek dancing in From Dusk to Dawn [4:50]

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit [2:28]

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Frankly speaking

I spent some time this last week trying to make friends again with the Chrome browser for Mac. I’ve been dealing with the whims of Firefox since… wait. Since when? I’d say the trouble started when the Comcast guys came out to fix our lines. They said that the problem in our lines was causing slow-downs for our neighbors on the same circuits on our block, or whatever. There were a couple of places inside the house where the wiring wasn’t up to snuff and the tech spent about 20 mins replacing them.

I don’t know if it’s me, or the service or the Internet or what, but right after the Comcast guy “fixed” our wiring, Firefox began to slow down with each browser session. As if it was storing all of my click history while I have browsing to Private. YouTube started buffering playback. Getting a new browser window got slower. Since then, I’ve gotten around all these foibles. But I started looking into the Chrome browser from Google.

Right off the bat, I knew I was treading on enemy soil. I figured that every browser action I would make in Chrome would be stored, analyzed, algorithmed, quantified and stored in small location on a big hard drive in a giant storage facility under Google’s control.

Chrome’s browser preferences are a bit sparse compared to Firefox. Turning on/off private browsing (Incognito) is a toggle. However the trick opening a clicked link in new tab AND going to that tab is nowhere to found so far for me.

I don’t want websites tracking my browsing. I have a couple of extensions in Firefox which seem to do the job well enough for me. In Chrome? I’d have to look for a library of Chrome add-ons like WordPress plugins where I can go down a list of extensions and install the ones that matter for me.

If worse comes to worst, I’ll start from scratch with Opera… and then do all the explorations for Opera that I did for Chrome.

Maybe I should just start bugging Comcast. I’d tell them that I suspect that their guys have put a siphon filter or a data dam or a secret listening device. Hmm. Now that I think of it, our LG big-screen TV probably has all that installed at the factory. Maybe I should call them.

Internet Explorer for Mac? Brrr! Now that’s a nightmare!

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Blue Collar Brew – Marble/Stone/Odell Megawheat Double IPA

At the homebrew club meeting last night, there were a couple of commercial beers that really stood out from the others that were sampled. One was a ginormous stout from local brewery Brickstone in Kankakee, Illinois. Deep, rich, dark chocolate with coconut and coffee made for a mouthful worth remembering.

The other was a collaboration beer from Stone, Odell and Marble called Megawheat Double IPA. As I remember, the beer was slightly sweet, with tropical fruits. The beer got thumbs up all around at the meeting. I purchased a couple of bombers of Megawheat from the Cardinal place in Joliet.

This Megawheat beer is not just another wheat beer nor is it just another DIPA. The brewers in collaboration, Stone out of Escondido, CA, Odell out of Ft. Collins, CO and Marble out of Albuquerque, NM all got together and designed a double IPA with “M” hops. Mosaic, Motueka and Mandarina Bavaria. Honestly, I’ve never heard of the last two.

Looking at the alpha acid contents of the three hops, my guess would be that the beer was bittered with Mosaic and then a ton of late additions of the Motueka and Mandarina as well as in a dry hop.

I enjoy tasting these beers that utilize “mystery” hops, strains that I never heard of. The Mosaic is from the US while the Mandarina Bavaria is from Germany (not China as the name mat suggest) and Motueka hails from New Zealand. It’s nice to distance oneself from all the beers that have fruit juice, fruit rinds, fruit concentrate and other fruity parts. Here is where the fruit flavors come from the hops alone.

Our bombers were bottled on 1/6/17. We should be in store for a rather fresh tasting double IPA. Let’s get started.

The beer poured yellow-orange; more yellow than orange. The liquid was only slightly hazy and I could see all the way through the filled glass. There was particulate matter suspended in the beer which I would assume to be yeast particles. No biggie. The foam came up about a half-inch and then dissipated down to just a thin layer of suds. The aroma was typical IPA hops, but this one was slightly different than but similar to the Azacca IPA of last week.

The first sip was utter bliss. A medium mouthfeel was coupled with a great wheaty and sweet taste and the fruit flavors were all in the middle of the mouth. A very slight bit of bitterness at the back. It’s there if you remember to think about it.

I’d be hard pressed to tell the taste difference between between this Megawheat and last week’s Azacca. The tastes are very similar and both are delicious. I find it amazing that different hop strains can produce these nice fruity flavors that taste very similar. Some drinkers with a finer tuned palate than mine may be able to discern the flavors of mango and/or orange and differentiate between the two.

I have to admire the brewmasters at all the great breweries for coming up with these great beers containing hops that we never heard of. There must have been a test batch or three brewed so that they could tweak the recipe to achieve the perfect taste that they were looking for. Ah, to be a taste tester in one of these brew labs. But I’d need a seat close to the pisser.

I looked at the glass and was surprised at how much was gone in such a short time. The beer is very drinkable and will be gone before you know it. Of course, the ABV has a tendency to remind you when it’s time to stop for some people. That’s why slow sipping is the way to go. But how the hell can you sip slowly when the beer tastes like this?

Megawheat was released in the last week of January and should be readily available at bottle shops that normally stock Stone or Odell or Marble beers. It’ll probably be gone in a few months. Right when the hop flavors start to fade in a beer like this. Drink. This. Beer.

The SixPackTech summary for Marble/Stone/Odell Megawheat Double IPA:

Style: Double/Imperial IPA
Taste: Delicious. Nice and fruity and a bit bitter.
Smoothness: Hardly a rasp to be found.
Bang for the buck: Just about right for it’s style and taste.
Amount paid: $8.99 for a 22-ounce bottle.
Get it again? Perhaps I will.
ABV: 8.4%
Brewer’s website – MarbleStoneOdell
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: Looks like it’s dusty. (sniff) Smells mild… and a bit citrusy. (sip) Kind of grapefruity. (sip) Mild… Not bad. (sip) It’s not real dry, not real bitter. For an IPA, it’s not bad. (A change of heart from last week’s beer.)

RateBeer rates.

Megawheat Double IPA [0:29]

Mega shredded wheat

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What happened to AOL?

The story of AOL from birth to collapse, by way of the Apple Link and endless free disks and CDs.


Video link.

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Photoshop Phonies

They’re not real, but they’re not unreal. They’re fake. Genuine fakes. Real fakes. Not unreal fakes.

Hit it.

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Ending the week with some shorts that are briefs.

Pass me a beer

You performed in the wrong neighborhood

Trailer crash

Might as well get the car washed

The Grand Tour guys plot their road trip

Tight shirts

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Why do turbo cars take so long to stage?

It’s all answered in the video. It’s what we suspected all along.

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