SixPack Pics

The package arrived and it was a bit bulgy. It expelled a bunch of air when opened. It was sent from Fricatiff, Illinois.

Hit it.

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An OH SHIT moment

Tom Bailey brought out his blown race car to Lights Out 8 and almost lost it on a pass down the track.

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Slot car drag racing

Great way to have with friends and kids in a competitive garage environment. Money changed hands. There may have been carbonated barley beverages.

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74 Judo throws in 2 minutes

Blue guy may be a bit sore when it’s over.

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Tuesday double faves

Spiderman center fielder

Fanta can challenge

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Heavy haulage

A.L.E. Heavy haulage moves a 400kV 380-ton transformer along the North Circular Road to a relay station that’s just been built near Finsbury Park in norf (sic) London.


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La La dog

Some of the things that owners do to their pets is pathetic. And sometimes hilarious.

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Germany has a unique amphibious way to cruise through Hamburg’s historic Speicherstadt. A big ass bus that floats.

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Honey Hole auto graveyard

I found this place today. Another “Hot Rod Heaven”. Everything needs lots of work, but that is what it’s all about.

Wandering around some guy’s back yard. Amazing.


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A new week with new shorts an briefs. Do you wear shorts or briefs ? Vote in the new poll in the right sidebar.

When showboating backfires

Tesla Model S roof crush test

Shifting into reverse at 40mph

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Bugzilla loses it in the end

A very horrible wreck for the blown Bugzilla beetle, ending in an explosion and flames.

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Dyno failures

On the dyno, the weakest links are tested, whether they are in the car’s engine or the dyno itself.

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Golfers – fave

Pissing off the ball collector is the highlight of the day.

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Von Flue Choke

Chad George vs. Mark Vorgeas. Vorgeas has to argue with the ref that the other guy is unconscious.

Von Flue choke?

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Magnetic antigravity paths

A coin made of highly conductive metals, such as aluminum or copper, easily runs from left to right in the magnetic matrix, but going from the top down is suppressed due to the eddy current.

Coins? This must be witchdoctor voodoo sorcery shit.

Read video description for some insight.

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Bullet-proof origami

BYU mechanical engineers have created an origami-inspired, lightweight bulletproof shield that can protect law enforcement from gunfire. The new ballistic barrier can be folded compactly when not in use, making it easier to transport and deploy. When expanded — which takes only five seconds — it can provide cover for officers and stop bullets from several types of handguns.

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