Photoshop Phonies

These images are an augmented view of real life. Or vice versa.

Hit it.

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Two got loose again. The rest were gathered like hen’s eggs. Hey. Just play along.

Fun with a mustache

Ice cream taster – learned from squirrels

Stock Subaru hill climb

The cyclist and the escalator

Russian precision kidnapping

Alexa the fish

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NFL butterfingers

The ball must have been greased. Or over-inflated.

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Amazon Echo: BLYAT Edition

First, look here. Now imagine Alexa as a very angry Soviet soldier.

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Gas truck explosion

Country of origin is unknown. Cameraman was very cold, had Parkinson’s, was scared/nervous. Someone will post a stabilized version of this.

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Tannerite destroys old barn – fave

Video at close range of Remington 700 using .180 grain bullet to detonate 164lbs of tannerite.

[5:57] – boom at 2:25 or so

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Miniature .22 Magnum machine gun

1/2 scale M2HB Browning machinegun fed by Lakeside Machine disintegrating links.

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Skittles Halloween commercial

Almost like something from the Twilight Zone.

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Trump’s wall

The rival prototypes of Donald Trump’s US-Mexico border built near San Diego, California. The wall samples are almost completed and we expect news to follow in the coming days or weeks.


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They’ve come around again. After today, they’ll go around, just to come back around on Sunday.

Hit it.

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Another rogue Quickie

The guy’s coming on Saturday to fix the Quickie locker.

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Top Fuel crash

Steve Torrence crashes hard into the wall at 302 miles per hour and not only manages to escape the car unscathed, but also wins the round.


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McLaren vs. the Nürburgring-Nordschleife

The McLaren team tries to lap the ‘Ring in under 7 minutes. Nicely done.

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Giant robot duel

This duel has been brewing for months. All the hype and all the hoopla came to an anticlimactic end Tuesday. Pfft!

A better duel can be fought with existing equipment.

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Red Green converts a $40 car into a driveable kitchen.

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Railroad thermite welding – fave

Storfors, Sweden.

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