Rifle explosion

The guy from Swedish Dynamite destroys his old rifle which no longer works.

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Sand marbles race again

This sand marble rally features 20 marbles that will compete to win the Rally Trophy. This marble race track is made on a sand hill (“Doornse Gat”, in Doorn, Utrechtse Heuvelrug, the Netherlands) and has several splits and other obstacles like jumps, junctions, crossings and more.

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Stopping oil leaks with bubblegum

Bubble gum engineering actually works! I’ll demonstrate how to use gum to fix high pressure hydraulic leaks. We’ll also explore how oil seals and bubble gum share some of the same ingredients. This comes as a surprise to most people, so it’s a great way to win free beers.


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Tuesday double faves




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Ship elevator

The world’s largest ship elevator at the Three Gorges Dam opened in Yichang City, central China’s Hubei Province, on Sunday.

More in-depth explanation in the YT description.

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Spectators vs. tidal bore

The moment spectators got hit and soaked by a strong tidal bore of the Qiantang River in east China.

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Cow tipping Russian style

First, get a truckload of cows…

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SixPack Pics

The package arrived all nice and green. It was sent from Hallertown, Illinois.


Hit it.

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Cacklefest 2016

Auto Monday

Scenes from the Cacklefest Ceremony of the 2016 Holley Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY last June. Dozens of historic top fuel dragsters lined up with their engines running. The audio doesn’t do it justice. This is something you should definitely experience if you get the chance.

No action but a lot of noise and nostalgia.


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Starting off the new week with some of those briefs and swifties.

Right in the parking lot

“Second Deck”

Prop plane flies through a wave – WWII

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Wild blown Corvette

Alton Holsted driving a ’63 Corvette Pro Mod went for a wild ride during the Street Machine Shootout at Ozark Raceway Park a few days ago. Luckily the veteran driver got the race car calmed back down and back on 4 tires.

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How to remember names

These millennial girls have the perfect way to remember someone’s name forever.

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Worst NFL plays of all time

Every so often, a team spawns a bonehead who makes the highlight videos for being a bonehead during the game.


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Monday fave

Multiple Kill Vehicle hover test

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Trabant quality control

Vintage footage of the production of the Soviet era Trabant at VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau, East Germany showing end of line adjustment and testing procedures. The Trabant was an intentionally labour intensive car, with a total production run of little over three million units in 34 years and for the customer, an average waiting time of 15 years.

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The sparrowhawk’s incredible acceleration and agility enable it to to sneak up on its prey… other small garden birds.

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